Bandung Advertiser -Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung , Forest Walk is the newest tourist attraction located in the Bandung City Forest area, namely Babakan Siliwangi, popularly abbreviated as Baksil, which has long been developed as one of the Green Open Spaces (RTH) in Bandung City.

The function of Babakan Siliwangi, which Unesco has designated as a World Urban Forest area, is the lungs of the city and a place of recreation in Bandung. The city’s natural forest area in Bandung, such as the Mount Masigit Kareuundercover.co.id/ Hunting Park, occupies  ​​3.8 hectares and contains various animals and plants.

Now in the development and at the same time structuring the Babakan Siliwangi Forest area as a City Lung area as well as making it a natural recreation park in the city of Bandung,

Then the Babakan Siliwangi Forest Walk was built to keep the City Forest ecosystem awake even though it was used as a tourist attraction by minimizing buildings and footprints on the land’s surface. So then, what is the tourist attraction of this forest walk located in the urban forest area of ​​Babakan Siliwangi (Basil) Bandung? Here is more information about Basil Bandung.

The ticket prices of the Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung

Visitors who come and want to travel to this urban forest are not charged a ticket because it is a city park. The costs incurred are only for parking; the amount is IDR. 3.000 until IDR 5.000 depending on the type of vehicle. For information on the price of the Baksil entrance ticket, forest walks, event activities, and other important information, please contact the telephone number (022)2501394.

The operational hours of the Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi

The working hours of the urban forest tourist attractions in Bandung Baksil are every day, Monday to Sunday, and open for 24 hours.

Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung

Babakan Siliwangi Forest Walk tourism attraction

The main attraction of the Forest Walk is a Suspension Bridge or Jembatan Gantung built to get around forest conservation and make it a tourist destination.

The funds for constructing the Suspension Bridge for Forest Walk Baksil Bandung cost almost 17 billion rupiahs from the 2017 Bandung City Budget. This suspension bridge is made of an iron frame with a length of 2.3 km, a height of 2 meters from the ground surface and a track width of 1.5 meters, and a fence as high as 1 meter.

The initial plan for constructing the Forest Walk facility in Babakan Siliwangi, Bandung City, is only about 600 meters away and is divided into two different points. The first stretch connects the upper part of the Babakan Siliwangi urban forest area with the Bandung Zoo tourist attraction. The second stretch connects the Cikapundung Terrace Park tourist attraction to the Sasana Budaya Ganesha Bandung (Sabuga).

But now, the two are coundercover.co.id/ned into a single 2.3-kilometer-long road and will become one of the most extended Forest Walks in Southeast Asian countries.

Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung

The tourist activities in the Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung

Some of the activities that you can do in this urban forest include:

  • Exercising jogging and walking

The main activity that you can do in this place is exercise. Following its function, the Babakan Siliwangi Forest Walk was made for the health of the citizens of Bandung. However, because of its exotic location, Forest Walk often switches functions without losing its primary function.

Exercising in this theme is the most fun if you are alone with your partner; the romantic place makes exercising more fun. The trees that grow and stick hanging roots make the atmosphere of the forest even more pronounced. In addition, the air quality is also very good for residents who exercise.

Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung , The sports that you can do here are jogging and walking. Even if it’s just walking, it’s pretty helpful to make our bodies sweat. However, sweating in a cool place like here does not make you tired but instead is fun.

  • Hunting for nature and forest photos

The natural nuances caused by the shady trees in this area make this place the most sought-after photo spot. Another uniqueness is, the bridge, which is made as a walking arena, also has a unique design. It further adds to the impression that this place is Instagramable.

The concept of the photo created can also be a selfie or professional photo. Even with a cellphone camera, taking pictures in this place will look good. The shady spot filters out the sun’s rays that can cause backlighting in the photos.

  • Relax and enjoy the freshness of nature

For tourists who visit, enjoying the fresh air and atmosphere on the forest walk is highly recommended. The atmosphere of the forest in this area is so pronounced. Moreover, visitors can explore every corner. Visitors who come here will feel refreshed after walking around the Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi.

  • Family picnic

The place is fresh and cool, making the forest walk beautiful to residents and tourists. Therefore, the forest walk of Babakan Siliwangi is also highly recommended for family vacations . Some of the points are even very suitable for small children.

The bridge made of iron looks sturdy to accommodate the cheerful movements of the children. The wooden floor is very safe for the tiny actions of children. In addition, lounge chairs are made in such a way that visitors feel comfortable in their activities.

  • Culinary tour

After walking around and relaxing on the Forest walk of Babakan Siliwangi, visitors can try out the Baksil culinary tour. Indeed, there is no special menu for Siliwangi Babakan in this culinary area, but you can find many typical Bandung snacks. You can find all Pasundan specialties such as tofu baso, Batagor, Sumedang tofu here.

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The location of the Forest Walk of Babakan Siliwangi Bandung

It is located not far from the Chinatown Bandung tourist attraction, at Jalan Tamansari number 73, Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung City, West Java, and postal code 40132. The distance from Chinatown to tourist sites is about 6 kilometers or takes 22 minutes.

It is straightforward for you to find tourist locations because, as explained above, the tourist sites are in the center of Bandung. Of course, it is an advantage for visitors to access tourist sites using private vehicles or public transportation.

The direction of the road to Babakan Siliwangi Bandung is to exit the Pasteur toll gate, direct the car to Jalan Dr. Djunjunan. After passing the mini-market (Alfamart), you turn right towards the Pasupati Flyover.

Then take the exit to the Jalan Tamansari zoo; just follow it until you arrive at the traffic sign for Sabuga Punclut and the Bandung Institute of Technology. After passing or passing the Bandung Weta District office, that’s where my friend arrived at the tourist location.

Are you interested in visiting Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi Bandung? Spent your weekend with your family or friends to enjoy the forest!

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