The Google Year in Search report notes, throughout 2020 there was a 30% increase in searches for various easy recipes. The increase was triggered by the high duration of time people spend at home, so people tend to try new things that can trigger pleasure, including doing experiments in the kitchen.

Departing from this phenomenon, Frisian Flag Indonesia through its flagship taste enhancer product, Omela, presents inspiration and recipes for various family favorite dishes, through the website Through this site, Frisian Flag presents various easy cooking tips, which can make it easier for people, especially mothers in Indonesia, to be ready to serve delicious and delicious dishes, including the courage to try to start #ChangeCaraMasak.

PT Frisian Flag Indonesia Marketing Director Felicia Julian said that Omela has supported the Indonesian people to explore and be creative starting from home, for more than 2 decades (20 years).

“Omela is the perfect partner to make a variety of drinks and confectionary menus, making it a favorite choice in several regions in Indonesia. To continue to be a favorite choice, creativity and courage to try new things are the keys, so that various special dishes can be served more easily and luxuriously, ”said Felicia.

For that, according to him, Frisian Flag invites the public, especially mothers, to continue to innovate and be brave to #ChangeCaraMasak. This means, not only for drinks, Omela can also present extraordinary dishes for the family. Through, Indonesian mothers and families can access a variety of Omela-style recipes and luxury drinks and cooking tips from well-known Indonesian chefs .

“Not without reason, with #ChangeCaraMasak with Omela, 4 sensory elements of a variety of dishes can be ignited and maximized, as they produce appetizing aromas, tantalizing textures, delicious and special flavors, and the final result and appearance is extraordinary,” explained Felicia.

Furthermore, he explained, Omela is a taste enhancer in the form of a sweet thick creamer product made with trusted quality from Frisian Flag.

“This product variant is most suitable to be used to add to the enjoyment of various menus from culinary products, ranging from drinks such as coffee, tea, various mixed ice and fruit, various kinds of snacks such as cakes, martabak, bananas and toast, to dishes such as tempeh bacem. , chicken opor, sayur lodeh, rendang, rawon, and many more, “he explained.

Judged by Chef and Culinary Consultant, Nanda Hamdalah, there are a number of advantages that can be obtained by using Omela. Among other things, taste lovers because of the uniqueness of the taste of Omela, it gives a sweet and savory taste, thereby enriching the taste of dishes; versatile, because it is not only suitable to be with drinks, Omela is also suitable to be used as a substitute for coconut milk in cooking; practical, because the use of Omela is also very easy, only by pouring the product and then dissolving it with water before use; Durable, because Omela is also resistant to high temperatures; and appetizer, because Omela has the right color for a variety of food and beverage menus.

As a versatile product that is easy to find, Omela can be an alternative to enhancing the taste pleasure of various types of food and beverages. “Currently, Omela comes in two choices of can packaging sizes, 370gr and 490gr,” he concluded.

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