Gait of Two Brothers from Surabaya Raise Dr Soap

Eunike Selomith and Joycellynne Stefanie captured the rapidly growing healthcare business opportunity in Indonesia. Since 2015, the brothers from Surabaya have been compactly flying Dr Soap, which produces various antiseptic products for daily care and household needs.

Through Dr. Soap, both of them tried to innovate by marketing antiseptic products. Among other things, gadget cleaning fluid , toilet seat cleaning sanitizer , antibacterial cloth freshener, antiseptic liquid, multifunctional disinfectant, premium liquid detergent, and hand soap.

The name of Dr. Soap has now grown, reaching to Papua, even abroad. By cooperating with dozens of distributor and retail partners, Dr Soap has spread to more than 500 offline and online retailers throughout Indonesia.

“This business idea started from the thought of both of us when we were abroad who liked to see the products there. We thought, why does Indonesia always import products like this? Why don’t we just do it ourselves? From there, we were challenged to make local products that can compete with foreign products but at affordable prices and good quality,” said Stefanie, born August 6, 1992 who became the co-founder and Brand & Creative Director of Dr Soap.

To raise Dr Soap’s business, the two of them set up the PT DrSoap Global Indonesia flag. The two brothers then educate the market that there are domestic products whose quality is not inferior to foreign products (in terms of ingredients ) but the price is more affordable.

“Our first task after having a product is to educate about product knowledge , teach hygiene awareness and influence Indonesian people to buy local products rather than foreign products,” said Eunike, co-founder and Marketing Director Dr Soap, who was born on June 13, 1987. .

Stefanie and Eunike admit that starting Dr. Soap’s business was not easy at first and faced rejection here and there. One of them, was rejected by various offline retailers and exhibitions because premium cleaning products were included in an uncommon business category. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of both of them to grow their start-up business.

“Our first customers are family , friends, our own inner circle . Word of mouth,” said Eunike. She and Stefanie finally found a number of bright ways, including through collaboration with e-commerce platforms . For example, Dr. Soap has an official store on Tokopedia so that they can get a wider marketplace .

Eunike explained, to market Dr. Soap, his party started by selling on Instagram. “Until now, we are still focusing on selling online , such as from the website , Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli. We are grateful that until now we are still online , because if we are offline, we can be overdrawn by the pandemic,” he said.

According to Eunike, Dr. Soap is growing and in demand during the pandemic because most consumers are increasingly aware of health and hygiene. Don’t be surprised, because the demand in the market is getting bigger, his party makes sales both with B2B and B2C patterns. “This product is needed by all groups, from parents to Gen Z and millennials. It has become an essential item. Moreover, it has been packaged stylishly and not old-fashioned,” he said.

Stefanie said that her party co the elements of creativity and sustainability in creating attractive products. “Dr Soap’s products are made from plant-based ingredients that are formulated with premium ingredients selected in the laboratory and are environmentally friendly,” he emphasized.

Not only that, the product is also halal certified, does not contain SLS, NLS, EDTA, and parabens and has a Household Health Supplies (PKRT) number at the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

To be sure, currently, Dr. Soap already has 50 SKUs with 10 variants — each variant has many sizes and senses . Their first product, hand antiseptic gel, hand wash, and gadget sanitizer .

“In the last three years, the best seller has been gadget sanitizer. Most people already know that if you want to clean gadgets using Dr Soap. It’s top of mind . Another excellent product, a multi-purpose spray ,” said Eunike.

Stefanie added, Dr Soap is not just selling products, “But we really want to be the answer to everyone’s needs. Our brand value, Dr. Soap is a life saver ,” said the graduate of the Department of Creative Art in Advertising and Graphic Design , Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney, Australia (2009-2012).

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Not surprisingly, he and his team are very serious about listening to consumer aspirations. ” We always listen to our customers, whether it’s criticism, input, or requests , we are really a brand that is very open to consumers,” Stefani emphasized. He gave an example of himself who keeps his ears wide open and always reads all consumer input through social media.

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