GajiGesa Introduces Access to Salary Disbursement Via WhatsApp

GajiGesa Introduces Access to Salary Disbursement Via WhatsApp , GajiGesa, an instant salary disbursement platform or Earned Wage Access (EWA) launched a service via WhatsApp so that employees can access income in real time. With this feature, workers can get their salary quickly, safely, and easily.

GajiGesa hopes that employees can get the welfare and financial benefits that offer salary-on-demand services via the messenger application . This allows them to disburse part of their full paycheck paid at the end of the month or on schedule.

GajiGesa currently partners with more than 300 companies and has assisted around 750,000 employees. With the availability of the WhatsApp feature on the GajiGesa platform, the convenience of instant salary disbursement or salary-on-demand provides a solution for users.

For users who are less familiar with technology, the WhatsApp feature can facilitate access by simply sending a message to GajiGesa using a number that has been successfully registered. After the process, users will get easy-to-do instructions and can immediately make transactions.




“We are excited to ensure that innovative technology-enabled financial services have the potential to accelerate financial inclusion. WhatsApp’s penetration in the Indonesian market will help us make EWA more affordable for millions of people across Southeast Asia,” said Martyna Malinowska, Co-Founder of GajiGesa in an official statement


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The use of this feature can provide solutions to thousands of employees in managing their finances to meet their daily needs. This prevents the use of illegal loans or loans with high interest rates.

It can also reduce financial stress and motivate employees to work harder.

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