Gasibu Field, Jogging Place for Young People in Bandung.

A place that can be said to be a tourist spot is famous as a jogging location for young people in Bandung.

The gazebo field which is located right in front of Gedung Sate is always crowded in the afternoon, especially on weekends.

Many young people from Bandung come to Gasibu to jog and some are relaxed for a long time after jogging.

Hundreds of visitors consisting of various ages seemed to be exercising.

Besides running on the jogging tracks that are already available, there are also some visitors doing gymnastics.

Jogging Favorite Places


Since being renovated, many young people claim to make Gasibu a favorite field for sports and other casual meetings.

In addition, the attraction of this place has also increased because other supporting facilities have been provided, such as toilets and jogging tracks that are made very clear and comfortable.

More than that, all that makes young people able to stay longer in this place and find comfort in learning is because there are facilities in the form of a library close to the gazebo.

After jogging, people can also use a seat to rest.

Everything on the gasibu field is now truly ideal for sports and to relax while reading a book or just chatting with friends.


Refreshing scenery

In addition to adequate facilities, there are trees that can bear fruit around the Gasibu Field.

The presence of these trees may not be much but enough to make the atmosphere a little fresher than a location that has no trees at all.

In the field growing citrus, mango, guava, Maja, and nutmeg trees.

Reasons for Young People Like Gasibu Field

Well, here is a summary of the reasons why young people in Bandung love the Gasibu field because it has the following advantages:

1. Jogging tracks that are not dusty

Jogging tracks that are available are no longer in the form of red soil which can cause dirty and dusty shoes, the tracks have been made with asphalt and have also been painted in blue.

2. Library

Gasibu Field also has a library that has a wide collection of reading books for various ages with various genres available in the library.

Its existence is very suitable for students who want to add references to make a final assignment or for children who like to read in a strategic place in the center of Bandung.

3.  There is a parking area for bicycles

The cyclists have been facilitated well because there are parking lots for bicycles.

With the bicycle parking facility, visitors will not be confused to park their bicycle.


4. There are inscriptions of the governor’s profile

To bring the community closer to the leader of the city of Bandung, around the gazebo field there are also inscriptions containing profiles of governors who once led West Java.

5.  There are relaxing seats

For young people who like to relax in an open space, after a hard work or after doing assignments in the library would be more happy to sit back in a chair provided around the Gasibu field.




In front of the Gasibu field, while relaxing in the seats available at Gasibu Square, they could see Gedung Sate.

That is the explanation of the Gasibu field which has long been a pride of Bandung citizens.

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