Behavior of Gen Z, SynergiZers Of ASEAN – Generation Z or Gen Z in the past year has become a hot topic of conversation, especially among business people and the economy. Entering 2020, this generation has indeed begun to enter their productive working age, making them potential potential consumers in the next few years.

Behind its potential, Gen Z has unique behaviors, so that business people and the economy must adapt too.

Through a research entitled Now you Z me: Debunking myths about ASEAN’s Generation Z, Hakuhodo tries to read Gen Z’s behavior and perceptions of the social challenges around them. So that business people, economists, and marketers can make themselves relevant to this young generation.

“We call Gen Z in ASEAN as SynergiZers, a generation that creates synergy and harmony through various aspects of themselves. It is estimated that 24% of the Gen Z population in ASEAN can have a big economic impact, ”said Devi Attamimi, Institute Director of HILL ASEAN and Executive Director Strategy of Hakuhodo International Indonesia.

In this research, it was revealed that Gen Z tends to always want to make changes, especially in how to overcome social problems or challenges. They also want real challenges to be solved. This generation also respects themselves, their families and those around them more. They can understand the differences between humans.

Gen Z is a humanist generation. Hakuhodo researched 4,500 respondents aged 15-55 years to see how Gen Z behaves, both from the side of fellow Gen Z and previous generations, namely Gen Y and Gen Z. In Indonesia, there are 90% of Gen Z who agree that life is about fulfilling responsibilities . Meanwhile, 88% of Gen Z agree with the statement that life is about loving yourself.

“Gen Z really appreciates the balance of values ​​they have in life. The character of this generation is very positive and strong. They think that they will not be happy if the people around them are unhappy. So, Gen Z tends to try to create the best happiness and conditions for the people around him, “said Devi.

In this digital era, it is as if Gen Z is in their comfort zone. This generation tends to like to show their identity through online platforms. This generation also cares deeply. They will attend and contribute to solving social problems, one of which is economic. Social media is a channel for them to express their opinions.

“There is quite a large character difference between Gen Z and previous generations. However, this generation brings fresh air to the landscape of social and economic life, especially in ASEAN, ”said Devi.

Devi emphasized that brands must adapt if they want to partner with Gen Z and collaborate with this generation. Now, most of the development of the creative economy and technology is mostly carried out by Gen Z.

“They have played a very important role in the economy. Generation Z is a generation who has a deep mindset and high concern. Brands must be humanistic and responsible to attract Gen Z’s heart. They also appreciate the collaboration and the emergence of positive messages with a big impact to build a stronger brand name in their minds, “concluded Devi.

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