Google Stops Google Translate in China

Google Stops Google Translate in China, Here’s the Reason , Google has stopped offering its translator service or Google Translate in China. The service is one of the last remaining services the company provides in China.

The website for Google Translate in China now redirects users to the Hong Kong version of the service, which is also inaccessible. Google said low usage was the reason for the shutdown of the service.

“We have discontinued Google Translate in mainland China due to low usage,” said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson also said the Google Translate mobile app had also been shut down last year. Google has had a contentious relationship with the Chinese government, having pulled its search engine from the country in 2010 in the face of strict government online censorship.
China then blocked other Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps. In a bid to re-enter the Chinese search market, Google is reportedly working on a censored version of the search engine for that country.

However, in 2018, they canceled the plan after backlash from employees who argued that resuming work would get Google involved with the Chinese government’s information restrictions.


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Tech companies are increasingly caught in the midst of rising tensions between China and the US over Chinese firms gaining access to technologies that enable high-performance computing, such as artificial intelligence and semiconductors. In August, Nvidia said the US government had ordered it to limit sales of two AI-accelerated chips to China that would allow AI developers to accelerate their research and build more advanced AI models.

The closure of the Google Translate service in China, both from the web and application versions, is the end of all Google services in China.

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