GoToko: Digitization Provides Business Efficiency to Warung UKM

GoToko: Digitization Provides Business Efficiency to Warung UKM , GoToko, a joint business unit of Gojek and Unilever Group, ensures that digitalization is a factor driving the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ), including warungs.

The challenge of stall inefficiency that has been happening so far has been successfully overcome via digitalization.

With efficiency, now the warung business can increase its turnover while increasing the standard of living of those of their families. Gurnoor Singh Dhillon, CEO and President Director of GoToko, said that so far, the shop’s business operations have been run inefficiently.

For example, in terms of fulfilling the supply of goods, shop owners need to close their stalls when shopping for supplies to not one, but several distributor agents, which creates potential losses for them because they run an inefficient business.

“Digitalization provides business efficiency, shop owners can access products from many principal brands in only one platform, they also don’t need to close their shop to shop so it will save costs, time, and energy. With direct support from brand principals, shop owners can also get competitive prices,” said Gurnoor in his statement in Jakarta, Monday (3/10/2022).

This has been done by GoToko since its establishment in 2020 to connect stalls with principal brands with competitive prices, certainty of delivery, and certainty of goods in the application.

With the added value offered, GoToko also managed to record growth of more than 47 times.
GoToko exists as a platform that creates added value for the warung ecosystem through technology, instead of disrupting it.

Gurnoor also added that digitalization is not only beneficial for warungs but also for the retail ecosystem as a whole, including for brand principals because it can expand their reach.
This includes increasing brand revenue . This, for example, happened with a number of brands on GoToko such as Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP), Indolakto, and other brands.

On the platform, GoToko has also collaborated with almost all major brands and to encourage the progress of stalls and enjoy a wider network effect.

“At GoToko, we have a vision and mission to move forward with GoToko for stalls, stakeholders, including our employees, which we call GoToko Guardians. Because we believe that

digitalization has an important role in improving the warung business and SMEs in general,” said Gurnoor.

GoToko focuses on implementing strategies to win in many parts of Indonesia and being the best friend of warungs. Gurnoor said each cluster in Indonesia is unique and it is impossible to succeed without winning in small areas.


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Therefore, GoToko has a strategy to reach deeply in each of its operational areas and provide a positive economic impact as soon as possible to encourage sustainable growth. Through its platform, GoToko is committed to serving underserved retailers and being a stall friend who will always be there for the warung and guide them towards growth, helping them increase their family’s income and standard of living.

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