Activities Work From Home (WFH) continues to be applied by businesses to employees. One of the main problems with WFH is the lack of employee involvement. This is considered to be able to affect employee productivity and ultimately will affect the company’s profitability.

Based on a study, employees who are highly involved in their company will experience an increase in productivity of up to 45%. In fact, those who have a personal connection with the company can be up to 55% more productive. Of course, this increase in productivity is a significant amount and the company should make every effort to make employees more involved.

However, the difficult administrative HR work and complicated processes hindered the company’s efforts to engage more employees. This condition is captured by GreatDay HR through its Human Resource Information System (HRIS) product.

This software is used to manage various activities related to human resources (HR) through a centralized system. Functions such as attendance, payroll, leave, and employee performance evaluation can be done more easily using HRIS.

With more than 20 years of experience, GreatDay HR brings a variety of features that can help companies complete HR administration processes and increase employee engagement. One of the newest features offered by GreatDay HR to increase employee engagement is internal social media.

GreatDay HR Founder & CEO, Gordon Enns, understands how important employee engagement is at this uncertain time.

“We understand that employee involvement is crucial for the smooth running of a company. Therefore, GreatDay HR has developed internal social media features that can facilitate communication and collaboration between members and provide a channel for celebration of an achievement for all company members, “said Gordon.

This internal social media has a chat function that can facilitate interaction between employees and between employees and the company. In addition, employees and companies can also upload awards and other status updates that can be seen by all company members.

GreatDay HR can also help companies manage employee performance when needed rather than on a monthly or annual basis. Companies can assign employees to a job, provide comments on the task, and give appreciation.

All can be seen directly in the application. Employees can also provide physical evidence by taking pictures of their work and uploading them to an application with an activity recording feature that is complete with location data.

Personal Benefits That Support Professional Benefits

In addition to providing various benefits in a professional manner, GreatDay HR also has several new features that can have a major impact on employees’ personal lives. One of them is GreatDay Cash Advance which can provide money loans to employees.

Then, to make any online transaction easier , employees can use GreatDay Top Up & Bill. Employees can also send the salaries they get from the company without administration fees to any bank they want with GreatDay Transfer.

Apart from the various benefits that have been mentioned above, there are other features that can provide benefits for the company and employees.

Starting from recording attendance with selfies whose accuracy is guaranteed due to facial recognition technology, monitoring the location of employees in real-time , to pay slips that can be viewed on employee smartphones . All integrated in one application.

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