Halodoc’s New CMO Felicia Kawilarang

Uqwo – Felicia Kawilarang , Halodoc as an integrated health application officially appointed Felicia Kawilarang as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to expand the use of telemedicine throughout Indonesia. In the future, Felicia together with Halodoc’s marketing team will take on the responsibility to focus on inviting people to make health a part of their lifestyle.

Felicia Kawilarang as CMO of Halodoc said that when she joined Halodoc five years ago, she saw that people tend to feel that they only consult a doctor when they are sick or even seriously ill. He added that now the pandemic has brought changes to people who are increasingly concerned about health. Through a data-based marketing strategy , he is optimistic that the use of telemedicine will continue to increase despite the pandemic.

“Departing from these changes, Halodoc focuses on instilling new habits for the community by taking preventive measures and making health a part of their lifestyle. Moreover, Halodoc will also continue to expand the use of telemedicine such as the First Aid in Accident (P3K) boxes in every home,” he said.

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Felicia Kawilarang

Previously, Felicia had been trusted to lead Halodoc’s marketing team as Vice President for the last five years. He has a leadership style that is open, flexible, and provides ample opportunities for the team to be creative, create new ideas and make decisions. This is what makes this woman who graduated from Boston University believed to be the youngest female C-Level in the leadership structure, which is a new history in Halodoc’s journey.

Halodoc’s New CMO Felicia Kawilarang

“Felicia’s positive energy brings significant changes to the company. As reflected in her position as VP Marketing, Felicia played a major role in introducing the Halodoc telemedicine concept , which at that time was not yet familiar to the public. Until now, Halodoc has been trusted by more than 30 million active users per month and serves the Indonesian people in various regions,” said Jonathan Sudharta, CEO & Co-Founder of Halodoc.

In a way, the appointment of Felicia as the new CMO at Halodoc is a form of Halodoc’s commitment to supporting the role of women in the health industry. In addition, this commitment is also implemented through various services and innovations dedicated to women.

For example, the Period Tracker service that allows users to record menstrual periods to find out when they are fertile or detect changes in the menstrual cycle and their correlation with certain reproductive diseases early on. Then, there is also the Bidanku application which can help midwives maximize their productivity in order to improve the quality of maternal and child health for better future generations.

“Before joining Halodoc, I was involved in a number of lifestyle fields, including maternal and child health. Therefore, as a woman, I really appreciate Halodoc’s consistent commitment in supporting the role of women, both in companies and in various services specifically designed for women ,” she concluded.

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Felicia believes that a healthy generation starts with a woman and her conscientiousness supports the health of children and families. Going forward, Halodoc will continue to maintain this vision and passion so that the presence of telemedicine like Halodoc can help more women.

With this step, Halodoc is increasingly open to women’s leadership in various strategic and managerial positions. The commitment to gender diversity at Halodoc is also in line with the G20 agenda related to empowering which supports the advancement of women’s leadership in the private sector to build an inclusive and equal world.

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