undercover.co.id – Consistently Innovating, Happycall Controls 50% Market Share of Cookware Products , Happycall, a cookware brand , which has been around for 14 years in Indonesia, continues to strive for innovation. Always explore the needs and insights of consumers to stay relevant to the market.

“We always try to provide quality cookware products with purity of ingredients up to 97%. This is one of Happycall’s advantages compared to premium cookware brands in its class,” said Roy Kim, Director of Marketing for Happycall Indonesia in a press statement.

Happycall is the number one cookware brand in South Korea. To be the pioneer of double pan technology in the world. Currently, Happycall’s double pan products have spread to various parts of the world.

In addition to double pans , this brand also has a variety of other products, ranging from frying pans, wok, pots, cooking tools, electronics and others. “Happycall will continue to innovate and develop the latest technology that will be applied to our products,” said Roy.

Happycall has officially worked on the cookware market in Indonesia since 2008. September 30, 2022 marks the 14th anniversary of this brand’s presence in the country. During that time, Happycall products have sold 3.5 million units. “Currently, we control 50% of the cookware market share in Indonesia with the most sales from double pans ,” he explained.


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Customer Experience

To celebrate their presence in Indonesia, Happycall cooking experience . Through this event, the brand is not only showing off the advantages of its products. However, it invites consumers to experience the sensation of cooking directly using this brand’s products.

“We invite consumers who come to try the cooking experience with Happycall. The menu is simple and very easy to make, such as pancakes and kimchi jeon ,” said Roy.

The cooking demo was guided by Chef Firdaus, a finalist for Master Chef Indonesia season 5. The menu is pizza using s ynchro double pan jumbo grill products . Then, there is also the t – oppoki menu which is cooked using

Happycall’s flex frying pan .

“We are grateful for the cooperation and support that has been given by all business partners. Happycall will become a bigger and more developed brand in the Indonesian market,” he concluded.

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