jasa seo dan internet marketing
jasa seo dan internet marketing
Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Healthy Franchise That You Need – Non-Oily Healthy Pizza

jasa seo dan internet marketing

undercover.co.id – Non-Oily Healthy Pizza , The process of making that uses no oil at all and the selection of high-quality raw materials promoted by Gian Pizza become the “no worry” unique strength to attract people with healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle is now becoming a trend in Indonesia. Healthy lifestyle begins with eating healthy diets. Because the food will have a “real-time” impact on the health of the body. This primary need is driving the business of healthy food more and more in catching fans of healthy lifestyle; one of among those is Gian Pizza, with the flag of healthy pizza with the typical taste of Canada.

Gian Singh Sekhon, Founder of Gian Pizza, told his interest in the business of culinary especially pizza because he saw the food is quite popular in Indonesia. Unfortunately, to taste and enjoy it, consumers have to pay relatively expensive price.

Coincidently, this former aircraft engineer has experiences in establishing and managing directly Bella Pizza restaurants in Canada for seven years. Gian was eager to establish a pizza restaurant in Indonesia with different brand and the prices are affordable any people.

Brand Unique Pizza Franchise From Canada Into Indonesia

“Pizza is not supposed to be expensive and all people can taste and enjoy with no exception. Nowadays, common people only know one kind of pizza, even though there are many kinds of pizza from around the world with flavors and variants based on the characteristics of each region, “said Gian.

jasa seo dan internet marketing

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