undercover.co.id/.com – Recently, James Gwee was invited to speak at a large convention and attended by more than 2000 insurance agents throughout Indonesia and this was a prestigious event. He wanted to tell the life insurance agents audiences a special and relevant to talk about. So he researched several biggest life insurance agents in the world, and tried to find out what they do that makes them so successful.

And the fact that he found was really surprising. Although they are in the same field of selling, but the tricks and strategies that they use very DIFFERENT! But they are all equally successful!

In this article, James Gwee wanted to share with you about the some discoveries he found. Although the people he studied were engaged in life insurance, but he was sure you would find a lot of common ideas and relates to the field / business that you run today. Happy reading!


Who are the people that need to be observed?

The people James Gwee studied are the best people in the insurance business. All of them have achieved MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). For those who are unfamiliar with the world of insurance, MDRT is an insurance agent’s elite club which is very prestigious.

Only those who reach the highest level of sales that qualify for MDRT. In fact, of all life insurance agents in the world only 4% who can qualify for MDRT each year! So be qualified in that circle is very difficult. The higher level of MDRT is the Court Of The Table (COT), and the highest level is Top Of The Table (TOT). Everyone he had been researched, were qualified for MDRT more than 10 to 20 times. Many of them are from qualification of COT and TOT. So they were really the best of the best.

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People who James Gwee thoroughly observed were such as Norman G Levine, Wayne Cotton, Al Sizer, Alan Cerf.

Want to know what they are doing to be successful, let’s follow the following discussion:

  1. Success is not Instant

None of them could be an instant success. They are all struggling, and they never give up. They continue to struggle, improve everything, and keep learning new strategies until they find their own pattern.

  1. They Keep Learning

They are all constantly learning to improve themselves. They were equipped with education, reading books and attending seminars. They learn to be the most excellent of their business.

  1. They Proud With This Business (Agents Insurance)

One of them is proud to be a sales rep of life insurance agents. Because they know that the business could provide an opportunity for their success. As well as they know that the profession as a sales rep is a promising profession, it’s only because that they have not found the correct pattern. They were all proud of their business. Because they know they are selling it due to beneficial for their clients.


Here are the Strategies of Life Insurance Agent in Selling – foto by insurance tips
  1. Attitude is Number One

They are all convinced that the number one key to be successful is to have a positive mental attitude. That is evidenced time after time when they faced all difficult problems in their careers. And they believe that the key to success, you need to be discipline. That means you have to discipline yourself in doing obligations.

  1. Most Important is Time Management

The time management is very important, although they have the style and methods of managing their own time, by setting all plans to the work time, all the time you use will be effective and maximum.

And that are some of the strategies used by the world’s top insurance agents, to be successful. Even if they do have similarity in selling but they have different strategies.


Learn These 7 Sales Tactics Before Meet Your Customer

In sales, it is for sure that everyone has a strategy or tactic of sales, respectively; maybe you also have your own sales tactics. But, are you sure about the sales tactics you use today? How is the performance of your tactic in dealing with the customer? Is the tactic that you use able to increase sales in your business? If not, try a better tactic. And here are seven sales tactics that you can use before facing the customer.

  1. Prepare

Before you call the potential customer up to increase your sales, make sure you’ve done the research completely about them, you have to know and understand what they need as well as to track down on the quality of your competitors. Do not forget to first identify the person who you will talk to later.


  1. Calculate the first impression

The first impression people see from you is your appearance, make sure you look neat, clean, look confident, and smart. Never use immodest clothing when have meeting with customers, even though they are easygoing but the appearance will be your added value in their eyes. Then you should look appropriate for the products you offer and make sure they like your appearance.

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  1. Start the relationship with client

To build a good relationship with the customer, you have to understand what they need and try to gain more trust from them, in order that they will know the quality of the product you promote. Do not let them be disappointed with your product service; product services can be set down by trying to establish a good relationship with the customer.


  1. Listen to the customer

When you meet a customer, make sure you are ready to listen to any problems they encounter. And give all professional inputs to them; you should have already known all forms of questions they will ask about your business as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your product. How you respond is a basic for their confidence to buy your product.


  1. Skills

Some people consider have a meeting with new people is easy, but some also consider it as a difficult thing. Remember that you are a representative or a reflection of your business. There are many programs that can be useful to develop one’s skills, Covering aspects such skills of asking, listening, giving and receiving any form of criticism and suggestions. Moreover, you must have all the skills to be able to convince your customer, and prove what you are doing or talking corresponds to reality.


  1. Do Not Urge the Customer

Never make your customer feel rushed to buy your product, especially in the stage of building a relationship with your customer. Do not give them any option but also do not make them feel pressured. Allow them to think independently about the advantages of your product.


  1. Adjust the conversation about the product’s facts

If you are talking about the advantages of your products, make sure that it is about the facts what exactly you’re talking about. Do not let the customer disappointed because the products you offer do not match with what you tell them. In addition, informing all the advantages of your products, you should also show its shortcomings, but make sure you can highlight all the advantages.

Those are some tactics that you should learn when you want to meet the customer. Hopefully those tactics can be useful and can help you in increasing your business sales. Suitable strategy or tactics for the customers and their expectations will surely make your sales increase rapidly. Here are the Strategies of Life Insurance Agent in Selling


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