How Lemonilo Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

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– In Indonesia, a healthy lifestyle tends to be known exclusively. Thus, many companies switch to producing healthy products. Lemonilo became one of the successful players in it.

Prabowo Irfan, Head of Content Marketing Lemonilo said that stigma is present in the community that encourage Lemonilo present as healthy fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) with the mission to bring the millennial generation and further adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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“Indonesian people find it difficult to eat healthy food because they feel bad and expensive. Therefore, Lemonilo started by entering the category of instant noodles which are often consumed daily,” said Irfan at the Markplus Conference 2022, Wednesday (12/08/2021).

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital innovation. One of them is the habit of shopping online. However, Lemonilo also sees that the Indonesian people are still dominated by offline transactions. Irfan added, in practice, Lemonilo integrates these two things to identify people’s habits.

“About 80% of people see digital is a future , but currently it is still a substitute. Therefore, Lemonilo launches its products online to get an overview from consumers which will later be our consideration for investing by entering the offline market,” he added.

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He also revealed that Lemonilo used the community as a marketing strategy. According to him, brands need someone who is able to voice and communicate the message they want to convey to the public.

“Lemonilo is great through the community because people tend not to trust brands because they already have an agenda to sell. That way, we present story-telling so that people remember the brand stories that we carry , ” he added.

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