How To Sell Property With Digital Marketing

UQWO – How To Sell Property With Digital Marketing , The pandemic period has an impact on all fields, including property sales. Property is property in the form of buildings, land and facilities and infrastructure that cannot be separated from the land or building in question. In order to be able to market to many people, it is necessary to take advantage of digital marketing.


Not a few sales agents underestimate the important role of digital marketing in selling property. Whereas digital marketing not only promotes brand awareness but also helps to keep the brand unique among competitors.

In addition, because not everyone in your area will see or pay attention to the posters or banners posted around the city, digital marketing can more easily reach the target audience. Digital marketing allows you to target and reach audiences outside of your region. There are various ways to sell property with digital marketing.

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How To Sell Property

Photo and Video Making

The first thing that needs to be prepared is the marketing tools, namely photos and videos. In fact, video is the fastest growing form of marketing in almost every industry. This is because buyers like to see the visual appearance of a property.

Taking photos of the property must be in accordance with the purpose of the photograph itself. In this case, the aim is to produce a portrait of the living room where it looks warm, pleasant as well as stylish and organized.
Then in shooting videos, avoid making common mistakes that are often made by many people.

Don’t make videos that are too long and boring. The majority of audiences have very short attention spans when browsing a platform.

So make a video of about 60 seconds, even though it moves very fast but has interesting visual content. In the video that is made it is also advisable to display your property and its features at the highest level. Through a video tour, shoppers can see the flow of the house, the size of the room, and the feel of the space in a way that photos cannot convey.

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How To Sell Property

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to start promotions. So as to create awareness and initial interest in a property. After deciding to make photos and videos that will be shared, then do promotions, for example through E-Mail marketing. In using E-Mail marketing, make sure to have a business E-Mail with lots of E-Mail addresses after the target, then send user-friendly content to the audience.

Website Marketing


Most agencies and property developments don’t think of a website as a marketing tool. If you are going to use a website like a powerful marketing tool, then you can use it in a serious way. The website is the only digital space that is truly owned. If you optimize it the right way, it will start attracting more of the right visitors, which will eventually convert into qualified leads and customers.

There are several things to consider, namely: SEO is to help your site rank higher for relevant keywords. Offer content to turn the right traffic into quality leads who are ready to buy. Blogging is a great way to attract more traffic right.
By creating a search-optimized website, and building it with quality content that answers the key questions homebuyers in your area have, you can get your property sales up and running.

Held a Virtual Tour

In a successful digital marketing strategy, a virtual tour of the house is a great piece of content. Not only does this tour share video content faster for marketers than non-video users, but potential audiences can get an idea of ​​what a home is actually offering the audience.

Then share some of the qualities the property has to offer in a successful virtual tour. For example by using real footage from home, as opposed to digital illustrations, ensuring the tour videos are interactive and responsive across all viewing methods both mobile and desktop, then creating a user-friendly 3D virtual tour.

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How To Sell Property

Social Media

To market or sell business products, one of the platforms that can be used is social media. This social media can be used for free and easily.

There are several types of social media, including Facebook and Instagram. So after creating content, then upload it on your Facebook or Instagram account. For example, a home buyer is looking for a home in a very specific location.

Then you can easily create a special Real Estate Farming Facebook page designed to get likes only by people who are interested in owning a property near you. The way to promote to sell more homes is by creating a page

First, Facebook only displays beautiful properties near your location, then posts according to the schedule that has been made for your content, making sure to make interesting and detailed captions. Also, don’t upload too often about selling your property, so occasionally post pictures and links to lists when you need to have them to promote. You can also create educational content that is relevant to the property being sold.

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How To Sell Property

Paid Ads

In digital marketing to help promotion is through paid advertising. Advertising can reach the right audience with digital marketing. Make sure that the budget you provide is sufficient to do paid advertising. In addition, there are several things that need to be considered in making advertisements, namely titles, opening statements, feature descriptions and closing statements.

The title is an important thing in advertising. This determines whether buyers will bother reading your ad. So it is necessary to find a convincing angle. For example, choose a key selling feature for your home and use it in the title. The consideration for creating a title is your target audience.

This opening statement can explain what your property is about and why your audience should be interested. So in your opening statement, you need to answer one important question regarding what potential buyers see.

This feature description should reveal the relevant features of your property and create interest. Regarding the relevant features, for example, by describing the number of bedrooms, the size of the land, and the garage.

Locations include strong selling points such as schools, cafes, shops, transportation, swimming pools, decking, pergolas, fireplaces. After listing the property’s features, you must be able to make buyers imagine themselves using these features.

For example, don’t just tell them you have a conservatory, ask them to imagine reading a book while soaking up the winter sunshine.

The closing statement is the last part of the advertisement. This is where you wrap it up and convince interested buyers to react by including a strong call to action.

That is part of digital marketing that can be used as a promotional platform for selling property during a pandemic. However, in practice it requires knowledge and skills that are qualified in utilizing promotional media like this.


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