undercover.co.id/ – Children and teens nowadays are disquietude with his world. They grow faster and quite mature for the age than the previous generation.

They are also making a gap in their family relationships. However, they are getting be able to choose what they want and determine their own desires. For marketers, this market has become more tempting instead, because the value of their spending continues to increase.

The market of children and teenagers have many similarities. They are still a group that is very dependent on the parents. Even so, they have their own money to be spent.

That is the main reason for them to be the primary market for “spending spree”, but the real and quite large market potential from them is as a secondary market. It means that they have the ability to influence their parents to buy the brand they want.

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in addition to primary and secondary markets, actually, they are also the future market. The recent preferable Brand for them  can be their future preferable brand when they’re grown up. That is why, encouraging them early could be a benefit for marketers.

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The children and teenagers’ influence to their parents, which is increasingly high, indeed is made by the guilt of parents who now have less and less time to their children. Long hours work of husband and wife as well as the fulltime activities of children and teenagers outside the home made the parents and children have very little time to meet.

Quick Adopters

The fact that the more mature a children are is now also reflected on how the children are getting reluctant to love the children songs. They prefer pop love songs -like Justin Bieber’s- in their playlist rather than children play-themed songs.

Moreover, it has been supported by the technology, because nowadays every single kid and teen has mobile phone and they get a real time impact of widespread Internet among them especially in Indonesia.

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How Your Brand Survive In Fast Grown Market Technology is like a two-edged sword, according to IPSOS-Oreo survey, 70% of families believe that technology helps them to communicate with each other and connect all family members. In contrary, they also feel anxious that their parents’ or their children’ attention distracted by the technology.

Social networking world is becoming a huge bind capturing children and teenagers and making them more actively connected with others than their own family.


Their habits to speak up their mind and problems on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks make children and teenagers in Indonesia becoming an extrovert persons. However, this makes them too easy  to spill out and exaggerate their anxieties. That is why the “disquietude” a.k.a. “galau” became the new buzzword among them.


Kids and teens also become a quick adopter now. They quickly adopt various trends and get into it in their everyday life, including, of course, adopting the things that are tagged as “foreign”.

For example, the fashion for clothes, they choose to follow the fashion trend from a country like the United States, as well as  the shoes. Meanwhile, for the accessories, they tend to choose follow what is becoming popular among them around Indonesia state.

Interestingly, Korea seems potential to be the new “trendsetter country” for teenagers now. We can see the phenomenon from the various product categories, Korea ranks the second or third place as trendsetter country. Moreover for the stuffs about hair, it turned out that Korea become the the center of attention for the latest update among them. Korea seems trying to replace Japan as the main trend setter for the teens in Indonesia.

Then, what is the perfect strategy to apply for the market of children and teenagers? Obviously “dictating” no longer a way to approach them. This group has been more critical in picking and choosing the brand.

In the matter of prices, they remain a group of price-sensitive when it comes to the expenditure of their pocket money. Inspite of this, do not underestimate their ability to the matter of quality. Their abroad preferences indicates that they are getting more and more understand  about the cheapie product and high-quality product.

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Ads, indeed, still becomes powerful influencer for them. The use of endorser helping to accelerate the brand penetration into their minds. In addition, social media should not be forgotten, The marketer should begin to build a powerful campaign by using the social media. Even so, do not push to do hard selling in the social media.

The last, of course, the marketers need to occasionally involving parents in some marketing activities. Parents’ longing to get closer to their children could encourage them to spend more money. On the other hand, it is a sure that a liability for marketers is to maintain good communication with the family of Indonesia. How Your Brand Survive In Fast Grown Market

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