Red Ocean Strategy Hyundai Stargazer Brings Three Key Pillars , The market for Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) in Indonesia is increasingly fierce. The high demand in this segment is accompanied by many players in it.

Several players present in this segment, including the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia duo, Toyota Veloz, Suzuki Ertiga, Mitsubishi Xpander, Honda Mobilio, Nissan Livina, to Wuling Confero. Entering the LMPV market, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has deployed a red ocean strategy through the Hyundai Stargazer.

Red ocean strategy is a business strategy carried out by a company to compete in a market that has many competitors. The struggle for the maximum market share will be carried out by the company in its strategy.

In the Indonesian automotive market, the 7-seater LMPV market segment with a price range of Rp 200 million to Rp 300 million has a fierce level of competition. To deploy this red ocean strategy , Hyundai admitted that it took quite a while to prepare.

“We have planned this move from the start. We started our strategy by building a brand through building factories, building networks , and then product lines that could be accepted by the community.

Regarding products, we first entered the premium segment and now enter products that are prepared as volume makers ,” said Makmur, COO of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) to Marketeers when met in Jakarta.

Makmur said that product planning for this Stargazer was not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. The research and development process was carried out for about 2.5 years. With careful preparation,

image size-full">Hyundai Stargazer Brings Three Key Pillars
Hyundai Stargazer Brings Three Key Pillars

“We believe this product will meet market needs. For that, we brought three pillars in the Hyundai Stargazer. The three pillars include futuristic design, fun to drive , and no worries ,” added Makmur.

In the futuristic design pillar, the Hyundai Stargazer brings a futuristic and elegant design concept. This impression is thick when you see the exterior of this car, especially the daytime running light (DRL) that stretches horizontally under the hood.

This Horizontal DRL light is used as a marker that this car was launched for the first time in Indonesia, as a country located on the equator. On the back side, Hyundai embeds the Distinctive H Rear Lamp which symbolizes balance, unity, and harmony that connects Indonesia from the East to the West. This design is built to combine elements of technology and emotional values.

While the fun to drive pillar is presented by the vehicle which is produced at the Hyundai factory in Cikarang by bringing innovative features and comfort. Entering the Stargazer cabin, a spacious room with a luxurious impression thanks to the presence of Ambient Mood Light will welcome its users.

In the first row, users will be greeted with an 8-inch Audio Head Unit that can be connected to a smartphone . Seats of seven passengers can also be found in this car. For added convenience, HMID also provides a choice of replacement seats for the second row with a choice of captain seats .

Then the pillar of no worries. This pillar is brought by Stargazer through a series of smart features and excellent after-sales service. The worry-free experience of driving the Stargazer comes with some of the car’s capabilities. The excellent features brought by the Stargazer in this pillar include the Hyundai Bluelink feature.

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    Hyundai Bluelink is a connectivity technology that allows Hyundai Stargazer owners to connect and have full access to their Stargazer via a smartphone . This feature that has an internet connection is also able to communicate with HMID customer care to support security features.

    Some of these safety features include the SOS/Emergency Assistance and Roadside Assistance (RSA) buttons. In addition, the Hyundai Bluelink is also equipped with Remote Engine Start/Stop features, Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn & Light Control , and a feature that is able to find out the location of the car park through Find My Car .

    Stargazer is available in four variants, namely Active, Trend, Style, and Prime. Four variants with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions with price tags ranging from Rp. 243 million to Rp. 307 million.

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