International Coaching Summit 2021: Empower Indonesian Human Resources Through Coaching Works!

Showing (showcasing) the application of the coaching of the respective stakeholders at every level of the application: Person, Organization, Association, Community, and State, the ICS 2021 will be the International Summit both held ICF Jakarta is virtual and will gather more than 1,000 participants from various professions including coaches , researchers, teaching staff, government officials, entrepreneurs, business practitioners, MSMEs, startups and individuals.

President Elect ICF Jakarta Charter 2021-2022, M Nur Fannie Prasetyo, PCC, explained that coaching has been widely applied in developed countries such as the United States. When done properly, coaching can provide individuals with greater intrinsic motivation to independently try and discover new things.

“Basically, coaching directs us to identify and direct our subconscious mind to realize that there are actually blind spots and opportunities within us that we have missed and we can develop further which can later be seen from changes in our behavior,” he said.

At the corporate level, the results of a McKinsey survey show that when employees are intrinsically motivated, 32% are more committed, 46% are more satisfied with their jobs, and they perform 16% better. In Indonesia, based on ICF Jakarta’s internal survey, 57% of the total respondents are already pursuing Life Coaching , 25% Leadership Coaching, and 18% Business Coaching that have been implemented in their lives 

With so many benefits of the coaching approach for self-development, its application from the corporate, institutional to the individual level has grown considerably over the last few years.

“Development of advanced and independent human resources (HR) to realize the welfare of the community, requires us to focus on the concept of development that is based on humans. In the context of national development, complete human development is seen from two things, namely professional ability and personality maturity to strengthen each other. Maturity of this personality can be obtained through the right coaching process ,” said Chairman of ICS 2021, Bambang Yapri, ACC.

Policies and strategies related to human resource development certainly move dynamically to adapt to changes in the industry. Through ICS 2021 Coaching Works!: Empowering The World Through Coaching , there are four (4) streamlines related to coaching as an effort to create human resources with mature character and aware of their potential so that they can continue to grow and remain competitive in this Industry 4.0 era: Coaching as a profession, Coaching as competence, Coaching as culture, Coaching for wholeness of life.

This year, ICS 2021 invited Salman Subakat (CEO of Paragon Technology and Innovation), Josef Bataona ( Former Director of HRD Indofood, Bank Danamon, and Unilever), Daru Dewayanto, MCC ( Founder, CEO, and Master Coach Hijrah Coach), Nadiem Makarim ( Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia), Zivanna Letisha Siregar ( Founder of and Puteri Indonesia 2008), Alex Denni (Deputy for Human Resources, Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform), and many other resource persons who know the importance of the role of coaching in creating quality human resources.

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Indonesia itself is predicted to reach its golden age in 2045, just when the age of independence reaches 100 years. To prepare superior human resources and be able to compete with the global market in that era, it took a long time, the role of large-scale government, as well as intelligent and effective breakthroughs, one of which was through the role of coaching in the education sector and industry. It can all start now.

How are you interested in joining this event ? Tickets for ICS 2021 Coaching Works!: Empowering The World Through Coaching can be purchased via the website .

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