Inagri Integrated Livestock Farming Startup

P9.IS – Inagri , Many startup companies have been established in Indonesia. One of them is Inagri. This Indonesian Agricultural Platform is under the banner of Agritama Technology Personnel. Where you can find a wide variety of agricultural products.

Located on Jl. Naripan No.53, Kb. Banana, District. Sumur Bandung, Bandung City, Inagri provides raw food ingredients, which can be used to supply various businesses, such as for hotel, restaurant and catering needs.

History Around Startup Inagri

Formed by four dedicated people in the startup world whose focus is on the world of agriculture. They are Muhammad Siddiq Azis who also acts as its founder and CEO.

While the other three names are Djaka Padmaprasetya, Putri Puspitadewi, and Ricky P Ramadhan.

Djaka Padmaprasetya himself served as COO and Co-Founder of Inagri. Meanwhile, the only woman who became a milestone in the establishment of Inagri was Putri Puspitadewi who acted as Co-founder and CMO for Inagri.

Next is Ricky P Ramadhan who acts as Co-founder and Creative Mind, which is equipped with a number of creative ideas, as well as solutions that are certainly related to the agricultural sector.
Established since 2016, Inagri was originally located on Jl. Kecapi, Bandung. Until now, this startup company is growing, so it deserves a thumbs up for its creative ideas.

Where it does not act as an ordinary conventional supplier, Inagri which involves the use of technology in it, provides a number of advanced features, which can make it easier for users, especially when ordering products.

Not only makes it easier for users to meet their needs. Inagri, was founded because of its focus on farmers and ranchers in order to find their market, so they can grow with the help of technology, in the agribusiness ecosystem system.

Meanwhile, the inventory of goods in Inagri can be met by 5 partner farmers. In fact, Inagri has also established partnerships with several modern and hospitality retailers, to distribute agricultural products.

Domestic Service

As mentioned above, the following is an explanation of what services are provided by Inagri.

  1. B2B Marketplace Platform

Inagri is a Business to Business (Offtaker) Marketplace Platform to facilitate producers and consumers (Offtakers), as well as financial institutions to meet and have an impact.

  1. B2B Trading

Inagri is also a B2B Trading platform for Food Commodities, Livestock and Basic Foods (Nine Staples).

  1. SIMTANI COOP (Farmers Cooperative System)

Another service provided by Inagri is that it can function as an Agricultural Cooperative Management Information System to assist Agricultural and Livestock Cooperatives in terms of, inventory of members’ crops or livestock, as well as financial records to stock management.

  1. Farmer Digitalization (Software & Hardware)

The existence of Inagri is also a part of Software and Hardware-Based Agricultural Digitization. Where the point is to increase cultivation productivity and increase the output of farmers and ranchers.

  1. Farmers Digital Media (Journal Inagri)

Other services that can be obtained at Inagri are Digital Media and Agricultural Coverage. Where there are many farms and businesses that can be an inspiration for millennial farmers to get a lot of information and education.

How to Order Products at Inagri

So how do you make purchases at Inagri? You just need to open the site and do the following steps:

  1. Open the Inagri website or website via cellphone.
  2. Order info will appear on the website page.
  3. Click “I agree” if you want to place an order.
  4. Before you make a purchase, you should first create an account. You do this by tapping on the door image, which is located in the right corner of the website.
  5. Select the “Register here” feature and continue with filling in the data.
  6. After successfully creating an Inagri account, you can login to the website.
  7. Login using the email address you previously registered.
  8. Continue by selecting the location of the delivery area.
  9. Select the available product with its quantity and add it to the cart.
  10. After you have finished selecting the desired product, you will be asked to complete buyer data, or add a shipping address.
  11. Next select the payment method you will do.
  12. Confirm the order.
  13. After the order received sign appears, then select the “Send WhatsApp” button.
  14. At this stage, you are directed to be able to provide order information to the Inagri admin.
  15. Next at the bottom of the message that you want to send, there is a payment link.
  16. Click the payment link that you will use and you will find the total cost accompanied by Inagri’s payment account number.
  17. Make payment, then upload proof of payment

order and select confirm payment.

  1. Next you will be directed to WhatsApp admin Inagri again. Confirm the payment you have made.
  2. Finally, Inagri will immediately process your order.

Advantages of Shopping at Inagri

The trend of online shopping has become commonplace. Of course, there are many advantages that can be obtained by shopping online, including shopping for groceries at Inagri. And the following are some of the benefits that can be obtained when shopping at Inagri.

  1. Practical and Easy

Online shopping makes it easy for anyone to shop. Where you can do it anytime and anywhere. Without having to prepare a special time to go like a shopping center. So you can save time and energy.

In addition, online shopping will also not make it difficult for you, especially when you have to carry a large number of groceries. You just have to wait at home or the destination address, until the goods arrive.

Practically again, online shopping at Inagri is equipped with easy payment features. With several choices of bank accounts, it will also make it easy for you to transact.

Inagri has also provided services on various social media platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, to Twitter. In some market places you can also find it easily. You just have to decide which way is the easiest.

  1. Best Price

By shopping at Inagri, that means you will get the best prices. Like in supermarkets, Inagri also often offers products at promo and discount prices. Not infrequently, additional free shipping which is of course in accordance with the terms and conditions.

You also need to know that shopping online is a form of economic digitization. And this is of course associated with increasing technological advances. So of course it can advance the understanding of the technology itself.

So that it is possible, Inagri is growing well, especially to support services, both to its service users, as well as to suppliers who play a role in meeting the stock of goods in Inagri.
Meanwhile, Inagri can only be enjoyed by those of you located in Bandung and Jakarta. Hopefully soon, Inagri can expand its services.

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    That’s the explanation about Inagri that you need to know. What do you think, are you interested in shopping on this website-based platform? Come on, check the website now! Happy shopping!

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