The Indonesian Business Woman Who Had Changed Asia’s Business – The Indonesian Business Woman Who Had Changed The Asia’s Business | In the business world, women also not be underestimated.

Now is not surprising that the CEO and owner of multiple businesses or companies’ success is a woman. Even the news released today from Forbes , there are three successful women entrepreneurs from Indonesia in the list of Asia Power Women

The Indonesian Business Woman Who Had Changed Asia’s Business

With the award that means they have become people who are influential in Asia. Who are these three women entrepreneurs? Here’s his review.

Anne Patricia Sutanto

1. Anne Patricia Sutanto

With his position as vice president-director, Anne would have a central role in his company PT Pan Brothers Tbk. In its lead, a company engaged in the garment had reached a fantastic income is USD 340 million. Companies that produce garments with brand Uniqlo, Rebook, and Nike also had 14 factories

Although born of a wealthy family, Anne also worked hard to build up her business. With a little stock, Anne joined Pan Brothers in 1997. After that, the women who have earned an MBA from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles later opened their own business namely Homeware International, which manufactures furniture and home accessories for export.

Woman Chemical engineering graduate of the University of Southern California this one was exceptional. After becoming a successful businessman, he was not forgotten by the surrounding social environment.

Together with seven other Indonesian billionaires, Ane joined with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to combat tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria with donated USD 5 million.

Noni Purnomo

2. Noni Purnomo

Noni Purnomo is a president director at a transport company Blue Bird Group Holding. A family company that was established in 1972 has become part of life of Noni since he was little.

The Indonesian Business Woman Who Had Changed Asia’s Business Women born in Jakarta, June 20, 1969 are graduates of the University of Newcastle and the University of Francisco.

After graduating from the University of Newcastle, Noni works on two places, namely at the Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Bureau as market research and Blue Bird.

Two energy-consuming job, and this concentration he lived for two years.

After returning from the United States of its S2 study, Noni with all the experience gained back the ground water to manage Blue Bird.

Under its leadership now Blue Bird has been a great company to explore a variety of areas such as transport, property, information technology consulting services, logistics and assembly industry.

Wendy Sui Cheng Yap

3. Wendy Sui Cheng Yap

Capable women last in the list of Asia Power Women 2015 for women entrepreneurs influence in Asia is Wendy Sui Cheng Yap.

Wendy is President Director and CEO of PT Nippon Indosari Tbk, which has a popular bakery production company in Indonesia Sari Roti. The company has now successfully become bread producers to control 90 percent of the domestic market.

Besides Sari Roti, the woman who is the son of the founder of the Salim Group, Piet Yap also has Bogasari company, the largest starch producers in Indonesia.

Besides, he also still has other business sectors of natural resources and real estate which is the company of his family. Sari Roti for itself, company already has 10 factories with a production capacity of 4.2 million loaves per day.

No doubt the company’s revenue Sari Roti has reached fantastic amounted to USD147 million. The Indonesian Business Woman Who Had Changed The Asia’s Business

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