JD.ID Appoints a New Brand Ambassador

The role of e-commerce is getting bigger among Indonesian consumers. Since the pandemic hit, this online shopping place has experienced a fairly high increase in users. Social restrictions make consumers shift their way of shopping from offline to online .

JD.ID is becoming an increasingly strong e-commerce player in the midst of this digital transformation. Along with its business growth, JD.ID is also strengthening its brand in Indonesia. You do this by cooperating with actress Cinta Laura as a brand ambassador .

“Our journey to find the ideal person to represent JD.ID is very long. With all its advantages, Cinta Laura became the strongest candidate who was finally chosen as our brand ambassador in Indonesia, “explained Leo Haryono, Chief Marketing Officer of JD.ID.

According to Leo, Cinta has a very good image in the eyes of the Indonesian people. Not only works as an actress, Cinta is also a singer who has released a number of brilliant works. Not only that, her educational background and well-known way of life also add to Cinta’s positive points in the eyes of her audience.

“Love also holds the title of Ambassador for Anti-Violence Against Women and Children from the Ministry of PPA. We hope that Cinta’s positive image and passion can build JD.ID’s image in Indonesia,” added Leo.

The addition of a new brand ambassador is also a way for JD.ID to enliven its mid-year 618 Shopping Festival shopping campaign. This shopping campaign is the first time JD.ID has conducted to celebrate the founding of JD.Com in 2003.

“The digital consumption of the Indonesian people is also recorded to continue to increase. This campaign is our strategy to drive JD.Com’s regional market. Also efforts to increase visits to JD.ID,” said Leo.

Uniquely, the 618 Shopping Festival does not only take place online. JD.ID also held this shopping campaign at its offline outlets. Leo even said that one of the goals of this campaign is to increase the impact of JD.ID offline outlets so that they can continue to grow.

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    There are at least six gimmicks presented by JD.ID in this festival. These include Shopping from Rp. 618, Top Brand Sale, Crazy Deals Nonstop, Shopping Coupons, and Free Shipping Promos.

    “In accordance with the hashtag #DijaminORI, we guarantee this online shopping campaign with the presence of original products at affordable prices. We hope that this campaign can invite more JD.ID consumers,” concluded Leo.

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