Bandung Advertiser – Jenderal Coffee Nusantara , There is good news for those who love coffee or are usually called coffee addicts. In Bandung, there is a super cool and unique coffee shop. The name of the coffee shop is Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas. Jenderal Kopi Nusantara Buwas was founded by the President Director of the Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog), Budi Waseso.

Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung, Dutch Heritage Style Café

Previously, Mr. Budi Waseso had established Jenderal Coffee at the Bulog Head Office in Jakarta. Still, this Jenderal Coffee in Bandung has its uniqueness because it stands in a Dutch heritage house that has been around since the 1960s. In the past, this house was used as a cultural heritage because many architectural relics were on display. Still, now this house has been used as a coffee shop for Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas.

Then, how is the situation in the Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung? Also, where is the location of the coffee shop, and what kind of special menu is there? Let’s get to know further.

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Jenderal Coffee Nusantara

About Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung

Several years ago in Indonesia, a police general was known to be firm in fighting drug cartels. In carrying out his duties, the general traveled to the mountains of Aceh and found residents working in the cannabis fields. These cannabis products are consumed illegally by the younger generation.

Because of his love for the taste of Indonesian coffee and his dedication to the country, the general turned the marijuana field into a coffee plantation by educating the local community. The program was a success, and the local community thanked the general. In addition to eradicating the source of cannabis production, coffee fields in Aceh are well known for their quality and taste.

In the process, the general wanted Indonesia’s various coffee products to be known and enjoyed by the wider community, both at home and abroad. Jenderal Kopi was created to realize this desire, named after general Budi Waseso (Buwas). Jenderal Kopi offers the best premium coffee beans from various regions throughout the archipelago, selected and processed professionally for the best taste.

The outside area of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung

From the outside, the Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas building already looks very striking and attractive. Before entering the central area of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas, you will be greeted with a beautiful and eye-pleasing glass facade gate.

The function of the gate is to protect the house from the Dutch era, aka the Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas building. The parking area provided by Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas is also quite large, so those of you who want to visit here don’t have to worry about the narrow parking area.

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Jenderal Coffee Nusantara

The interior of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung

The interior of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas is unquestionable because your eyes will immediately be spoiled when you enter this cafe. The vibe of the Dutch era with an interior made of vintage mixed with modern will instantly make you feel at home for a long time here.

In addition, you can also see various kinds of coffee beans at this cafe. This place is very suitable for coffee lovers. Here, there are several private rooms that you can use for meetings or meetings with office friends.

Also, If you want to hold an event or meeting there, you should make a reservation in advance. You can visit the website or the Instagram social media account

Jenderal Coffee Nusantara

The menus of food and beverages of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung 

The coffee provided here is grown on the land of former cannabis plants in Aceh, so it has a distinctive taste and is different from other coffees. In addition, this coffee has also won many coffee contests abroad.

In addition to coffee, many food menus taste no less delicious than coffee. Starting from snacks and appetizers such as various kinds of soups, salads, and many more to main dishes such as pizza, pasta, rendang, and others, complete here. There is also food with the secret recipe of the former President of Indonesia, namely President Ir. Sukarno. So for those of you who are curious, you can taste it here.

For coffee, hot expresso, arabica, and flavored coffee are here for those of you who don’t like coffee because there are also various kinds of non-coffee-based drinks, such as smoothies, mocktails, and many other exciting menus. The prices for food and drinks here are pretty high, but you won’t regret stopping by because the taste and quality of the food and beverages are unquestionable.

The Probatone brand coffee roasting machine behind the bar is the main attraction for Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas in the Kota Kembang, Bandung. Not to mention the style of the Dutch heritage buildings that were carried, increasingly bringing the atmosphere of visitors to the past.

The thing that distinguishes it from its first outlet at the Bulog Headquarters Jakarta is the Probatone brand coffee roasting machine with a capacity of 25 kilograms of coffee beans in one roasting batch that is visible behind the bar.

Besides being able to enjoy coffee and the atmosphere of the ancient buildings, the second outlet of Jenderal Coffee also aims to introduce and educate the public about the productivity, knowledge, and creativity of Nusantara coffee.

However, Nusantara coffee varieties have a diversity packaged in the form of a coffee academy—mainly aimed at young people interested in knowing more about coffee processing.

In carrying out the vision and mission, General Kopi always conducts research. They are even working with coffee experts to maintain and improve the existence of Indonesian coffee.

There are also coffee dishes that are characteristic here, don’t ask. Among them, General iced coffee and popcorn coffee. Besides coffee ready to drink, General Kopi also sells Indonesian coffee beans and simple drip coffee for those who want to brew coffee at home.

Jenderal Coffee Nusantara

The estimated prices of the menus

For food, prices start from IDR 9,000 – IDR 235,000 and drinks from IDR 15,000 – IDR 45,000.

The operational hours and the location of Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas

Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas is open every day from 10.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m. Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas is located at Jalan Martadinata no. 219, Bandung. You can also make a reservation in advance if you’re afraid you won’t get a place by contacting General Kopi Nusantara Buwas on their official Instagram at

To get here, you can pass through the toll road and exit at the Buah Batu Toll Gate. Then go straight to Jalan Laswi and continue to Jalan LLRE. Martadinata. General Kopi Nusantara Buwas is located on the side of the road, precisely adjacent to Starbucks Martadinata Bandung.

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So, what do you think about this coffee shop? If you are interested in trying all of the food and beverages there, you can directly go to the Jenderal Coffee Nusantara Buwas Bandung. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends!

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