JFW Will Hold the First Metaverse Fashion Show in Indonesia

undercover.co.id – Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) together with WIR Group will present a fashion week with a metaverse format. JFW will treat fashion connoisseurs with the experience of the first metaverse fashion show to appear in Indonesia.

Jakarta Fashion Week

Jakarta Fashion Week, one of the leading fashion events in Southeast Asia, is still consistent in carrying out its mission to become a showcase for local brands and designers. Collaborating with PT WIR Asia Tbk as a pioneer company based on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), JFW will drive the transformation of the fashion industry into the digital world further and better.

Svida Alisjahbana, CEO of GCM Group and Chairwoman JFW said, the changing times and the pandemic caused the digital world to develop faster. Thus, metaverse fashion is something that is coming up and faster than expected.

First Metaverse Fashion Show in Indonesia

‚ÄúThis is not the first time we are present in the virtual world. Before treading the metaverse, JFW adapted to the demands of the times through a series of Virtual Fashion Shows in 2020-2021. With the presence of Metaverse, of course, there will be many benefits to be gained. Not only for the fashion industry but also for the creative industry in Indonesia in a borderless digital world,” said Svida at the signing of a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding

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Jakarta Fashion Week

The presence of the metaverse can pave the way for all Indonesian creative and fashion industry players to enter the international market. JFW and WIR Group’s efforts to combine fashion and digital will expand access to the fashion industry . Through the metaverse, local fashion industry players will find it easier to do business and transact with global consumers.

The JFW metaverse fashion show will be part of this year’s JFW series. Although still in the development stage, JFW is expected to be present at the exhibition center and expo center in Metaverse Indonesia. Later, selected progressive or legendary designers will have the opportunity to introduce their work in the runaway metaverse.

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    In addition to presenting fashion shows in the metaverse, JFW has also developed the concept of O2O, online to offline, through a see now buy now approach to continue to encourage business movements in the fashion sector. JFW also presents Indonesia Fashion Forward as proof that JFW is not only focused on fashion shows, but also continues to strive to develop the fashion industry as a whole and sustainably in Indonesia.

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