Kaspersky Strengthens Indonesia’s Cybersecurity Capabilities

Digital transformation has succeeded in opening up new opportunities for the community so that they can develop more quickly with the faster information is obtained. However, besides that, there are also challenges that must be faced, namely literacy readiness and digital data security guarantees.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky said the development of the digital world in Indonesia is very fast. “It should be noted that the flow of digitalization can also mean an increase in the opportunities for cyber crime in Indonesia. So everyone has to be careful,” he said.

Furthermore, cyber resilience cannot but be developed. Cybercriminals are always improving their skills as digital systems become more complex. For this reason, there needs to be awareness from the authorities in an effort to build stronger cyber resilience. In this case, Kaspersky focused directly on the Indonesian National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN).

Kaspersky inaugurated a cybersecurity cooperation with BSSN in 2021. This cooperation includes cyber defense collaboration, security capacity building, and security training education. The series of activities are aimed at creating cyber awareness in Indonesia.

Eugene added that preventive and repressive measures were needed in dealing with cyber crimes. Not only that, BSSN must be more active in mitigating potential threats. It should be noted that preventive measures are not only carried out in terms of technology, but also form healthy user behavior in utilizing digital channels.

“Education can be an effective prevention tindangan from the user ( user ). For that, it is necessary to build knowledge about phishing, malware , to attacks that try to weaken the device. If the public understands these attacks, healthy user behavior will be formed,” explained Eugene.

Lieutenant General TNI (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian, Head of BSSN expressed the same opinion. The huge potential for cyber threats will not be overcome if only people with the knowledge of technology tackle them. Users must also be responsible for the digital channels they use.

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    “We must also improve security, privacy protection, reliability, incident response and integrity in Indonesia’s digital landscape,” he added.

    In the first quarter of 2021, the cooperation of Kaspersky and BSSN has already shown an impact. In that period Kaspersky has thwarted 9,639,740 malware spread on the Indonesian internet network.

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