Kenangan Academy, Coffee Strategy – Kenangan Academy, Memories Coffee Strategy Keep Service Consistency , August is a month of celebration for Kopi Kenangan which marks the anniversary of its operation.

Two years ago, precisely on its third anniversary, Kopi Kenangan inaugurated Kenangan Academy, a professional development center in the food & beverage sector .

Maybe not a few think that Kenangan Academy is a training center for baristas for Kopi Kenangan. However, more than that, the company has made Kenangan Academy a strategic engine built to encourage the growth of human resources (HR) through capacity, knowledge, and attitude enhancement

“Kenangan Academy is a milestone for Kenangan Brands to produce prospective baristas to maintain the quality and service of our products.

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Kopi Kenangan

We provide various development programs for them. However, that’s not all. We also provide preparation or training for employees to develop their careers,” said Nia Qoyimmah, AVP of Human Resource Kopi Kenangan.

Learning programs at this academy focus on hard skills, soft skills, and career development. The company uses 70% practical learning methods, 20% informal learning through mentoring and coaching , and 10% formal learning in classes and seminars.

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    Since its arrival in 2020, Kenangan Academy has produced more than 2,300 graduated and certified baristas. However, not only baristas, employees at the manager level also learn here.

    “We believe that with the strategic engine, Kenangan can become a company that grows well. Because, without developing human resources, we realize that the company will also be difficult to grow,” said Rusli Cep Ridho Yusup, Head of People & Talent Development.

    Furthermore, Rusli added that this is Kenangan Brands’ effort to grow consistent resources. Therefore, the company plans to expand its reach to support human resources outside Jakarta.

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