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Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

King Fruit – Durian The Iconic Business Fruit Of Indonesia

jasa seo dan internet marketing

undercover.co.id – King Fruit – Durian The Iconic  Business Fruit Of Indonesia  |Durian fruit has become one of the global icon of the Indonesian state. How not, the fruit may be to some people seem very strange odor even eaten it, in fact have a very passionate enthusiast of all circles primarily in Indonesia. This is also inviting more people to jump to his business of refined culinary durian.

Starting processed as mixed drinks, until the raw material for the manufacture of wet cake, all can be done using durian flesh. Take opportunities to do business processed durian one of which has also been tasted by a businessman from Medan named Subakti. The man who had previously had a business in MLM and computer courses eventually swerved after seeing the magnitude of the opportunity to do business processed durian.

Lifting the brand name Kampung Durian, the following is the full review.

Beginning of Business Establishment Kampung Durian

At first Subakti did not immediately pursue if the culinary world as his livelihood. At that time he already had a business base that is good enough to run in the field of MLM as well as courses and computer services. Businesses that have been run for seven years, eventually he stopped for several reasons.

According to a statement from the father of two children, he left his business he has struggled for years because of conviction. And the second course as they see the potential of the durian which are already widely cultivated as a basic ingredient of culinary products.

jasa seo dan internet marketing

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