Bandung Advertiser – Coffee in a Minimalist and Aesthetic Place at Kopi Cantel , Hanging out at the Coffee Shop is still an activity that is loved by young people. Just gathering and chatting by enjoying a glass of drink becomes a mandatory agenda when with friends. So many coffee shops have sprung up in various places, not least in Bandung.

These various coffee shops carry various themes to attract young people. Starting from tropical concepts, Balinese style, minimalist, to modern are available. Many coffee shops also make the place an attraction, where the place is designed in such a way to get an aesthetic impression for hunting photos.

It’s no wonder that nowadays many coffee shops are more famous for their interior designs than the coffee itself. In Bandung, there is currently a new Coffee Shop, which has a minimalist interior design, has an indoor or outdoor area, and has a variety of menu choices.

Kopi Catel, Coffee Shop with an aesthetic appearance with a cool place to hang out with friends. The following is a review about this latest Coffee Shop, here are the reviews.

Cantel Coffee Location

This Coffee Shop place has a quite strategic place and is easy to find. Visitors don’t need to worry that it will be difficult to find the location of this newest Coffee Shop. Kopi Cantel is located at Samasama Food Collective, on Jalan Progo No. 34, Citarum, Bandung Wetan District, Bandung City, West Java.

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Kopi Cantel

Cantel coffee is quite popular and loved by many young people. On his own Instagram account, which is named @kopi.cantel, he has 1,644 followers. On his Instagram account, visitors can see portraits of the best photo spots, the beauty of the interior design, portraits of customer activities enjoying time at Kopi Cantel, to what menu items are available at Kopi Cantel.

The account also informs if there is a special promo at Kopi Cantel, so visitors who want to buy when there is a promo can follow the @kopi.cantel instagram account. In addition, so as not to miss if there is a new menu offered.

Prices and Menu List at Kopi Cantel

With the beauty of the place and the quality of service provided, Kopi Cantel has a relatively reasonable price for the Coffee Shop category. For one order, the average visitor spends less than IDR 50,000. Payments can also be made in cash, up to debit.

In the Coffee category, the available menus are Kopi Susu Cantel, Pacantel Strawberry Latte, Coffee Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino, and Long Black. While in the Non Coffee category, there are Cream Sugar Milk, Sugu Milk Cream, Earl Gray Milk Tea, Rose Milk Tea, and Chocolate Paddle Pop menus available.

For the Pacantel Tea Series category, there are Yakult Tea menus (Peach, Berry, Rose), and Artisan Tea (Roman essence, Candy Rose, Earl Grey, Peach, Berry). Meanwhile, in the Mocktail category, Sour Candy Poppin, Babol Gum Blossom, and Pom Lunaria are available.

For visitors who want to save even more, they can order the Pacantel to Home category, where there is a Volume menu of 1000ml and 500ml, very suitable for supplies or gathering at home during a pandemic situation like this. For the various menus, apart from acantel to the house, the price ranges from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000.

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Kopi Cantel

Kopi Cantel Facilities Offered

In addition to the many drink menus offered, of course, many facilities are also offered by Kopi Cantel. These facilities include Indoor and Outdoor hangout areas, aesthetic photo spots, and smoking areas.

The availability of a special room for smokers is certainly very helpful for visitors who are not comfortable with cigarette smoke, so that comfort during coffee at this newest Coffee Shop can be guaranteed. The atmosphere at Kopi Cantel is also relatively cool and calming. Suitable for hanging out with friends, work, on assignments, or me time by reading a book and enjoying a cup of drink.

Kopi Cantel is usually opened from 08.00 WIB and closes at 23.00 WIB. However, during a pandemic like this, there is the possibility of changing operating hours. And also make sure that if you want to go to the Coffee Shop, you always comply with the health protocol, if you are still worried about coming directly or want to try drinks at Kopi Cantel, you can order online.

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Kopi Cantel

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    Testimonials from Customers Kopi Cantel

    Kopi Cantel has succeeded in becoming one of the coffee shops that young people are interested in. The various facilities provided have attracted visitors to become loyal customers. The following are some testimonials from visitors who have visited Kopi Cantel, based on these testimonials, which are quoted from

    “Iced coffee milk here tastes good, creamy. The earl gray milk tea is delicious too, fragrant and sweet according to our taste. The atmosphere of the place is cool, cool and if you come in the morning you can also sunbathe here. Indeed, coffee in the morning is the right time. Playlists

    the song is also serene, suitable for nugas. not too noisy and makes the mood cool.” Write a user including a 4.2 rating.

    “Koybi really likes to visit and have snacks at the same collective which is located on Jl. Progo No. 34 is very close to SMP 44 Bandung. CANTEL COFFEE. Sweet sweet lovers must have a snack. Usually, Koybi ordered his eskopsu yesterday, wanting to try something different. Namely earlgrey milktea is surprisingly very addicting huhu the combination of earlgrey and milktea that blends into a pleasure once you taste this 😫 really good to drink during the day to be refreshing and uplifting! Worth to try anyway to have a snack and visit the samasama collective! There are many choices of snacks. There is also rw bread that you must try, okay?” Write an account @Karina Oktavia by giving a rating of 4.2.

    “The Ice Sugus Milk Cream is delicious!!! It’s been quite a while I’ve been curious to stop by because the place is always full, finally yesterday I was able to try one of the drink menus. Usually I try the coffee menu, this time I’m trying the non-coffee, bro, because I’ve had 2 cups of coffee before. As soon as I saw the non-coffee menu, my eyes immediately fell on the Sugus Milk Cream, it made me really curious about it, and when I tried it, it was really fresh, I remembered when I was a kid who used to buy sugar candy too, lol.” Write a @demialicious account with a 4.0 rating included.

    “The place is very beautiful, although it’s not too big, but it’s designed in a cute way with tropical vibes style. It’s located in a foodcollective, so there must be some other tenants too. I just ordered the Candy Rose Tea, no sugar. It turns out to be delicious, I really like it because it has a unique taste like drinking flowers. I don’t even know why there’s a candy name. Because I ordered the one without sugar so it doesn’t taste sweet, maybe that’s why. Yes, maybe. But I really like it.” Write an account @Makan Mulu by giving a rating of 3.4.

    That’s the full review of Kopi Cantel. Starting from the location, operating hours, existing facilities, to testimonials from customers, this can be a visitor reference before coming to Kopi Cantel.

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