Kuro Coffee 130 , Have a Nice Coffee in an Old Japanese Style House

Bandung Advertiser – Have a Nice Coffee in an Old Japanese Style House
Kuro Coffee 130

If usually the coffee shop is on a stretcher with a new and elegant building. Kuro Koffee gives a different concept from the others.

The Kuro Koffe building is a spacious old house with a good architectural design. It is said that the old house that became the coffee shop is the home of the owner Kuro Koffee himself.

Tracing the footsteps of Kuro Koffe, this Kuro koffee was founded in June 2017. Including new to the size of a coffee shop. but this Kuro Koffe has a significant development. Kuro Koffe has opened 3 outlets gradually in one year.

First opened located at Papaya Supermarket Sukajadi, in 2018 opened a second outlet in Ciumbeleuit and the third in Paris Van Java. one week away from the opening of the second outlet. The three outlets are managed by 4 managers.

What we will review here is Kuro Kaffe which is located on Jl Ciumbuleit. More specifically, Kuro Koffee is located at No.130, Jl. Ciumbuleuit, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung. Open every day from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Kuro Koffee is famous for its coffee place for UNPAR children because of its location close to Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR).

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Kuro Coffee 130

In addition, Kuro Koffee on Jalan Ciumbuleuit is also known as Kuro Koffee 130. The number 130 is the house number which has now been converted into its own Kuro Koffe outlet.

The feel of an old house building gives its own unique value to Kuro Koffe 130. This beautiful house with a green garden with a minimalist concept presented at Kuro Koofee 130 spoils the eyes of visitors.

As far as the eye can see, it feels comfortable and spacious, it feels like being in the countryside.

When visitors enter this cafe area, what is drawn in their imagination is a Japanese concept.

That’s because in front of the entrance there is an inscription “Katakana” which is a way of writing Japanese language and there is also a ghibli accessory (My Neighbor Totoro) one of the Japanese animations on one of the walls and the front trellis of the cafe.

Fans of Japanese animation will immediately know and understand if this cafe carries the Japanese concept in it.

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Kuro Coffee 130

Inside the building, visitors will see a spacious building with brown and white shades. The shades of brown can be seen from the tiled floor, the base of the stairs, the wooden railing on the 2nd floor, and the brown tables and chairs.

While the white nuances are found on the walls of the building and its paffon. the building room is decorated with yellow led lights that make the feel a little dim but comfortable on the eyes.

In addition, the design of the Coffee Bar itself is made similar to Japanese-style shops with wooden ornaments.

At the coffee bar there is a La Marzocco Linea Black espresso machine which makes the Kuro Koffee 130 even more desirable, because this machine, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars, is proven to make very good coffee.

Kuro Coffee 130

The architectural style of the building is made similar to Japanese housing which has many sliding windows (on the top floor).

The design of the second floor is only on the edge of the building, so the feel of the first floor can still be seen from the second floor. In the corners of the room are also given ornamental plants that complement the classic feel presented.

There are many windows installed, either on the first or second floor. so that air circulation and lighting are maintained and can maintain coolness in the room. In addition, in the old house building there is a giant sliding door and short stairs leading to the top floor which is usually used as a photo spot by visitors. There are quite a lot of tables provided, there are tables for 4 people and a long table for many people. The table provided is made of wood and iron.

In addition to inside the building, outside the building also provided seats for visitors with an outdoor theme. This outdoor area is in the garden behind Kuro Koffee 130.

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Kuro Coffee 130

There are several wooden chairs and beanbags provided in the outdoor area that visitors can enjoy to relax under the blue sky. In addition, some large natural stone blocks they made natural benches and tables. Visitors will also feel the cool air atmosphere typical of Ciumbuleuit (plus a large tree in the backyard).

For visitors who don’t like smoking, visitors can sit in the building area, because the building area is used as a non smoking area.

But if visitors want to sit in the outdoor area, they don’t need to worry, because even though the outdoor area is used for smoking areas, the large outdoor area makes the cigarette smoke not felt.

Wifi facilities are also available at this cafe. Internet speed at this cafe is quite fast with speeds of 60mbps down and 70mbps up. So for visitors who really need a fast internet connection, here is perfect.

There are also many plugs in the building area that visitors can use to charge cellphone and laptop batteries, so

so that visitors do not have to worry about running out of battery. For the outdoor area, it is a little less comfortable, because there are not many electrical plugs available like the building area.

When deciding to sit in the outdoor area, visitors are better off making sure their cellphone or laptop battery is fully charged, or visitors can bring their own cable rollers to distribute to the seats they occupy.

The menu at Kuro Kaffe 130 is quite delicious, especially for the coffee variant. The food menu itself is more Japanese style, with standard prices. Visitors can enjoy the menu at Kuro Koffee 130 without dine-in, because meet-and-go delivery services are available at this cafe.

The service from the cafe staff is also satisfying. The employees are friendly and agile, serving the needs of visitors well.

The cleanliness of the place is also maintained, especially for the toilet. but a little muddy when it rains for the outdoor area.

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    Kuro Koffee 130 is a busy cafe, especially during lunch hours. However, the table arrangement is not too close, and the large area makes the noise level in this cafe low. So that visitors can feel comfortable, and certainly feel their privacy is maintained.

    Kuro Koffee130 is a coffee shop suitable for all ages. Whether for work, doing assignments, or gathering.

    With Japanese-style concepts and designs, and delicious menu offerings, this cafe is a place of reference for coffee lovers. When you come to Bandung, don’t forget to stop by Kuro Koffee 130. If you want to know more about this cafe, you can check out their Instagram at @kurokoffee.

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