The Story Behind Lemonilo Gets NCT Dream As Brand Ambassador , Lemonilo
Healthy instant noodle producer, Lemonilo has a unique story in attracting NCT Dream to become a brand ambassador . The Twitter social media platform has also become a tool used to find the best talents to boost product popularity.

Irfan Prabowo, Head of Content Marketing at PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat narrated that the initial choice of NCT Dream as a brand ambassador started with a tweet on Twitter that went viral with the background of the similarity of the fashion color of NCT Dream members with Lemonilo products, namely green. Then, after the tweet went viral, a petition appeared from fans asking them to collaborate.

The tweet eventually went viral and increased Lemonilo’s number of followers on social media. In the end, the company’s management heard the fans’ requests and realized the petition by collaborating with NCT Dream as brand ambassadors .

“From there, we saw the potential that this community has been formed and is already big, so Lemonilo is used to making a community driven marketing initiative or one that appreciates the community. That’s why, since 2021 we have tried to contact SM Entertainment to build collaborations and also maintain relationships with the NCT Dream fan community. After that, we created the Lemonilo Korean club, which indeed has the most members among other Lemonilo clubs, until finally launching in January 2022,” Irfan said

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According to him, the company obtained various benefits after collaborating with NCT Dream. These include expanding the market, influencing consumer purchasing decisions, to the presence of nano influencers who voluntarily campaign for Lemonilo advertisements on social media.

Not only that, when the brand was attacked by buzzers or buzzers, Irfan continued, voluntarily NCT ​​Dream fans who were known to be militant also defended. He claims that through this cooperation scheme, it can increase brand loyalty, especially the youth segment.

“Through the NCT Dream collaboration, the engagement rate has definitely gone up sharply. In the first quarter alone, we have trended topics seven times and it happened organically when uploading content with NCT Dream,” he said.

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    Irfan claims that his company is the only brand in the world that is able to collaborate with seven NCT Dream members for a full year. This is then able to shift the product market segment from being mothers over 35 years old to generation Y and Z.

    “Our market is starting to expand to young people aged 18 to 35 years. Even so, Lemonilo still takes care of the audience who are mothers because we want to provide education about healthy food and healthy instant noodle products that can be enjoyed by all people,” he concluded.

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