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Lereng Anteng Bandung : Coffee and Panoramic View

Looking for a place in Bandung that offers you a tasty food, cozy , with beautiful scenery? We present you the newest and the most hype culinary place in Bandung, Lereng Anteng Bandung. Now, I will give you the review about this place starting from what’s makes this place interesting, the most favourite menu in here, until how much do you spend your own money if you want to enjoy this place. Let’s check this out.

Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place is a cozy place to enjoy your coffee and one of the most phenomal place recently, here, in Bandung. It’s proven by never ending visitors who always come and fulfilled all of the table in this place.

This location itself is on the most popular culinary area in Bandung, that is Puncak Ciumbuleuit (Puncul), which was known from the long time ago as one of the Bandung’s culinary center whose famous for its tasty flavours as Sundanesse foods.

Punclut’s culinary area have its strong characteristic which is most of the restaurants in Punclut using Saung– A place for eat, has the same shape with huts that apparently in the edge of the top of Ciumbuleuit, this reason has sucessfully drown this place into unique place also the perfect place to enjoy Bandung beautiful screnery from the top of Punclut.

Travelers, Ciumbuleuit area has been well-known as one of the alternative roads that will lead you to the most popular destination area in Bandung, Lembang.

Punclut’s area is closest hill from Bandung, that easily can be reach for less than 8 kilomteres driving time. So, this place is really recomendeed for you, if you’re planned to spend your holiday in Bandung.

There is no wonder if in weekeds or holiday this place is full of people who planned to enjoy the Bandung panoramic from the height by strolling around, take some sports, until by enjoy the culinary around here.

For me, Punclut itself is one of the destination that really excotic, that offers very beautiful panoramic view from the height, where everytime we rolling our eyes we can see all of the Bandung city’s magnificent landscape.


What’s Inside Lereng Anteng Panoramic  Coffee

Lereng Anteng Panoramic Bandung is established since June 2016. Fulfilled the spacius field, which aimed the area for about 500 m2. You can mentioned that this place is one of the restaurant that has the most unique concept in Bandung.

The panoramic coffee place that has been adopted for its concept has purposses to give you the unique impression and differently impression about this place, since the restaurants in Punclut area is too much.

The origin name Lereng Anteng means Lereng is a place which located in the edge of a place or a hill, meanwhile Anteng is adopted from Sunda which means cozy place and makes you always want to stay in here for a long time.

There are many concepts that you can choose if you want to spend your time in this place, which is outdoor, semi- outdoor, and indoor.

The most favourite place in Lereng Anteng Panoramic coffee is the outdoor area that used the exact area of Tebing Pager terraces, this area provided you some wooden chair and transparrants tends that you can used freely.

If you have any intenttion to try semi-outdoor area, I heavily suggest you to also tried this area, because this are offers you a direct scenery to the top of Ciumbuleuit hill along with the chair, wooden table, and cute bean bags ready accompanied you.

Meanwhile, indoor area is a room that fulfilled by bean bags, which is very comfortable for you who like to used non-smoking area plus this area is really closed with a place to order your food and a cashier.



The Menu and It’s Price

If you’re asked the question what menu should you ordered and who much is the price, here is the review.

This place has a lot variant of menu, but mostly they sell snacks and coffees. They also offers the main course, but not as much as snacks and coffees. Special for the coffee, all of the coffe in Lereng Anteng is originally from Indonesia.

So, here is the must – tasted menu that you should ordered:

  • Fried Rice Rp 20,000
  • Fried Chicken Rp 28,000
  • Liwet Rice Rp 28,000
  • Friend Fish with Rice Rp 28,000
  • Ayam penyet with Rice Rp 28,000

Another snacks that they offer is, A toast started from Rp 13,000 – Rp 15,000 , Fried banana, Cireng, bala-bala, comro/misro with only Rp 15,000 up to Rp 20,000. If you’re want to warmth your body or tounge don’t hesitate to order the instant noodle from Rp 8,000 up to Rp 15,000 ( Depends on topping that you choose).

For the drinks that Lereng Anteng offers are tea, luwak coffee, kefir and don’t forget to order best seller coffee in Lereng Anteng which is Vietnam Drip.

Any reason to deny this place? , go get yourself and family to this phenomenal place and feel the breeze in this newest culinary spot in Bandung, Lereng Anteng. Picked your camera, take some selfies, and let the world knows you’re a part of the recent hype.



Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee

Kampung Pagarmaneuh, RT 02/04, Desa Pagerwangi,

Lembang, West Bandung Region

West Java 40391

Opening Hours:

8 AM – 10 PM


+62856 -2006 -899


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