Lingkaran , Educational Startup – Lingkaran , Educational Startup , an increasingly brilliant Educational Startup , Since the outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the world, over time it has begun to weaken the wheels of the world economy, including Indonesia. Until now it is still not over and continues to rise and fall. Due to this, the pattern of community life has also begun to change. Starting from how to work, perform various activities to access education.

Most of the access to education from the lower level to the upper level still uses the virtual learning method. As a result of this, the use of online learning platforms also seems to be increasing.

Things like this have a positive impact on startups who are starting to engage in education on an online basis. One of the educational startups that is currently starting to shine is Circle.

This startup is a collection of entrepreneurs as well as young creative professionals who form an educational platform aimed at the advancement of education. For those who want to develop themselves, business or career, they can visit this platform. Here will be filled by pre-practitioners and also experts in their respective fields.

Tips for Finding Circle-style Startup Ideas

For all of you who are curious about the startup business and are also interested in starting a startup business? But still confused by what idea is a perfect fit? So the following circle platform will be able to provide various kinds of exclusive tips that are very powerful in terms of finding startup ideas.

  1. Don’t Love Ideas Blindly

To be able to develop a business concept, you must be able to understand well the various tools used. In order for a business to be well-directed, you must also be able to develop a good business concept.

  1. Don’t be too competitive

If an idea that has been born from you turns out to not make it a rival. So that’s a sign that your idea is a very bright idea because it will produce a new type of startup business field.

For example, your idea is to create a startup to look for handymen, so this idea can not only help many people who want to find a handyman, it will also give other people the opportunity to get work or work opportunities.

  1. Startup is not always an application

The presence of an idea makes a startup not always in the form of an application in its development. The meaning of the word startup itself means starting, that means here you start to look for a business model that fits the characteristics of the startup itself.

Literally startup is a vocabulary using English which means “to start”. Starting here is to start looking for a business model that fits the characteristics of the startup

  1. Idea Feasibility Test

You already feel you have a fresh idea and can solve the latest problems? If so, it’s a good idea to carry out a feasibility validation test of the idea by making a prototype. The prototype was tested in the field through a survey to identify the community’s response to the solution given whether it could solve the problem or not. If you feel you have completed it, then you have succeeded in creating a product that is worthy of being raised as a startup!

Various tips for building a startup are given by well-known startups in the Circle Education field. This business has proven to be successful. Wendy Pratama, CEO and Founder of Circle, said that Circle started from her anxiety. After graduating from the Department of Architecture, he was asked to renovate his own house. Apparently, the theory during college is not easy to apply.

At that time, he did not master the method of executing and realizing the design. Methods of calculating costs, finding contractors, and other technical matters. After discussing with close people, in fact there is a missing gap between what is learned in official educational institutions and what is actually needed in the company or in the real world.

The existence of a knowledge and skill gap made Wendy take the initiative to build this Circle startup with the aim of helping young people get an education. Together with her team, Wendy intends to create an ecosystem that can bridge the gap between what is given and what is really needed.

Building a Quality Guidance Startup

This business has conducted more than 1,500 special programs in the creative, digital and entrepreneurial fields, added more than 20,000 students, and has inspired more than 150,000 young people throughout Indonesia.

As an ecosystem, the Circle startup is more than just a bridge to close the knowledge gap. The circle has been transformed into an extended network where young entrepreneurs in Indonesia can connect and get support from each other, regardless of their background.

To ripen the business, , Wendy took part in the Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC). Not only motivated to get a business capital grant with a total of IDR 2 billion, Wendy also has a desire to connect with experienced mentors and expand her network with fellow entrepreneurs in the Diplomat Entrepreneur Network (DEN) community.

According to Wendy, the existence of a mentor is very useful for self-development as a company leader or as an entrepreneur. The mentors provide a lot of knowledge and experience, so that these things can be insights that can be applied at any time.

Assistance by mentors is also continuous where Wendy still takes the time to connect and discuss with them to explore new opportunities after the program is completed.

Become a Startup with a Positive Gait in a Pandemic Period

Based on learning by combining online procedures, the Circle startup actually has a positive impact during this pandemic. Moreover, it can be said that guidance technology companies are companies that are immune to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only increasing awareness, market demand is facing a significant spike. The target market is becoming more aware of the importance of learning and training skills outside of official schools/institutions. This is to help them be more relevant to today’s technological growth and industry needs, especially in the midst of the new normal.

With this opportunity, the Lingkaran startup is currently continuing to develop its digital products, namely LMS (Learning Management System) and Authoring Tools to help the teaching and learning process and increase the level of achievement and success of online education.

Currently, Circle startups are growing organically 5x over the previous year. The circle of success in increasing online learning programs and products reaches more young Indonesians to areas in Eastern Indonesia such as Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara.

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    Overseas such as Australia, England, and the Netherlands. In terms of numbers, Circle was successful in obtaining 50% revenue growth, 450% margin growth, 500% user growth, and 300% retention growth throughout 2020.

    There is a new platform launched by the startup Circle, which is which is specifically for freelancers. This platform offers various types of job services to companies or people who need it.

    This initiative is expected to expand the circle’s influence by regenerating jobs and bringing new enthusiasm and hope to all workers affected by the pandemic crisis.

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