undercover.co.id – Lion Parcel Collaborates with Luwjistik to Strengthen International Services , Lion Parcel strengthens their international delivery service, INTERPACK, by cooperating with a startup from Singapore, Luwjistik. It is hoped that the strategic collaboration of the two companies will provide services that are safe, inexpensive, and reliable.

“The trend of overseas shipments continues to increase. In the first half of 2022, we recorded an increase of up to 200% compared to the same period last year and we found that Southeast Asia was the most popular shipping destination with the favorite category, fashion,” said Victor Ary Subekti, Chief Compliance and Network Officer of Lion Parcel.

Victor explained that the pandemic has pushed the economy to continue to adapt to digital disruption. This is also felt by companies that see a positive trend through the growth in the use of their services, one of which is INTERPACK.

This trend is also the driving force behind the establishment of cooperation between the two parties. Through this collaboration, Lion Parcel becomes the first mile partner for Luwjistik’s exports from Indonesia to West and East Malaysia. In addition, the two also cooperate for import shipments from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UK to Indonesia.

image size-full">Lion Parcel Collaborates with Luwjistik
Lion Parcel Collaborates with Luwjistik

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid, Co-Founder of Luwjistik said he was happy to be able to carry out this strategic collaboration. This is because the two companies have also contributed to Indonesia’s economic recovery through their services.

“We provide full support as a technology partner to Lion Parcel to improve service capabilities and expand their network. As an enabler that provides convenience in sending packages abroad, we are here to accommodate safe and quality service options,” said Syed Ali.

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In terms of importing goods, Luwjistik provides flexibility for people who want to choose Lion Parcel as a shipping option, so that import shipments become more practical and faster. Meanwhile, from the export side, Lion Parcel will have the convenience of choosing a network partner who will integrate its services and cooperate.

This cooperation allows customers to make deliveries abroad with low shipping costs. The hope is that economic actors who are expanding their market, such as SMEs to e-commerce can take advantage of it.

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