Lister Success Reached Top 25 Astra Start-Up Challenge

lister – Lister’s education platform has successfully entered the top 25 of the Astra Start-Up Challenge out of 3781 registrants. Lister is a language education platform with a live tutoring mechanism that brings together certified professional teachers with students in real time.

Sigit Arifianto, CEO of Lister , said that Lister’s goal in participating in the Astra Start-Up Challenge is to be widely recognized in the community. Where, Lister is here to help more people to be able to compete through mastery of foreign languages.

Almost a year of existence, he continued, Lister has established himself to take part in the Astra Start-Up Challenge 2021. Astra Start Up Challenge is a program from Astra International and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, which aims to support start-ups to develop into business institutions. who are ready to grow to face competition.

“The Astra Start-Up Challenge offers various interesting coaching programs such as Value Proposition, Design Business Model Innovation Growth Hacking and Digital Strategic Planning. This is one of the reasons Lister joined this competition as a first step towards becoming SuperApps, ”he said.

By participating in the event, Sigit also hopes that Lister can be more widely known as a solution for learning foreign languages ​​online and at the same time get the opportunity to take part in the coaching offered by ASC so that Lister can grow and become better.

“We believe we can be the best in the Astra Start-Up Challenge program, because Lister does not only focus on business development. However, it also helps students across Indonesia to compete globally by getting opportunities to access quality education.

In the Astra Start-Up Challenge program , Lister has several strengths, including dozens of programs to choose from, a leveling system that suits students’ abilities, lister-style learning methods through competent tutors, and human to human by context learning in accordance with the student needs.

This program that fits these needs does not only target school students but also adults in the world of work, one of which is employees at the Directorate General of Budget, Republic of Indonesia. Lister helps participants live their dreams of pursuing further study scholarships.

Lister itself departs from the ListerClub community. Realizing that there were limitations to moving, Sigit Arifianto then founded, which started operating in June 2020 as his own company under PT Lister Teknologi Edukasi. Although relatively new, Lister has become a favorite of students who want to improve their foreign language skills, especially English.

“In addition, there is also a scholarship program for prospective Lister students with certain criteria to learn English for free. The latest is the 2000 Scholarships for State Children program organized by Listerclub in collaboration with Lister and the Mata Garuda DIY organization which is an association of LPDP awardees in Yogyakarta.

“There are also scholarships given in the form of online academic writing, speaking, and scholarship guidance classes with tutors who are also recruited voluntarily,” he said.

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