Always end the day with a positive thought no matter how things were. Moko Hill is the perfect place to end up your day or your holiday. Moko Hill is a hill with 1500 meters height above the sea and we can see all of the Bandung city scenery from this hill.

Bring your beloved one to visited this place and enjoy the night together.  This hill is located in Cimenyan Region. Moko Hill itself is the last place that we can visited after Dapur Cartil and another stall in Cimenyan Region.

How To Get Moko Hill Easily

Our journey is started from here, first of all we should entered this place through Padasuka Street.Padasuka Street also, we can visited another famous destination too, Saung Angklung Udjo. You can visit there too if you want to know more about angklung or another arts which provided by Saung Angklung Udjo. Next thing is, stay on that sreet until you find Cimenyan police station in about 4 -5 kilometers.

After you pass Saung Angklung Udjo, you will across the Akademi Kesehatan Bakti Asih, after you pass that place, Cimenyan police station is the checkpoint that you should passed, then followed by Border line within Kabupaten Bandung and Kota Bandung. Afterward, you will accross the villa that indicates you, you’re already in KM 8.

From that place, you will see a hill that has a pretty sharp bend and there iss no border on there, so you must be careful.

If your vehicles’s fuel is running out, probably you can stopped and visited a while Dapur Cartil. These restaurants is a restaurants which you can enjoy your meal under the mat or we usually called that Lesehan, also this restaurants give you an opportunity to enjoy Bandung scenery but not as high as Moko Hill. The menus are plentiful, such Sundanesse foods, Chinesse foods, Fried Rice, Soto, and etc.


The price is affordable Rp 5,000 – Rp 50,000. This place is a halfway before you can see Moko Hill. From Dapur Cartil you will find a pretty sharp bend again, so again we remind you to be careful.

Above Dapur Cartil, apparently after you pass the pretty sharp bend, you will find many stalls that you can visit. The menus and the price is more affordable than Dapur Cartil Rp 3,000 – Rp 20,000. The menu that they offer are boiled Indomie, hot coffee, hot milk, hot milo, and another cheap foods. Also you can order roasted corn form another stalls around there.

Now, we continoud our journey to Moko Hill, now we will back to our main street that will bring us to Moko Hill. You will pass three gate before you see Moko Hill. Don’t worry the street along those gate are well maintenance. So the journey is still fine. Until we pass the third gate, then you will welcomed the rough road.

After you pass the third gate, just through it until you meet the two segments road. The right side is downhill and the left side is uphill. The right side of this road will bring you to Jatihandap region, while the left side will bring you right to the Moko Hill. So travelers again, we would like to remind you, if you’re met this counfusing street, you should choose the left side. After you turn left, you will finally see Moko Hill and yeay, you made it. If you’re using motorcycle, you’d better get out from your motorcycle and just bring down your motorcycle.  Nevertheless, if you’re using a car please be really careful in case to prevent your wheel from slipped.

In Moko Hill, you can enjoy some facilities:

  • Lounge in Warung Daweung.
  • Bonfire area.
  • Many affordable and various menu.
  • A chair to enjoy the scenery.
  • Pre- Wedding Photos.

The Daweung words in Warung Deweung in Bukit Moko means calming, thinking, and daydreaming. Most of people that finally reach Moko Hill, spending their time for calming theirself down from the busy routine that they has. The wind and the comfortable weather make your mind and body more relaxed.



More over, the beautiful light from the city and the light from stars that shining added the beauty of this place and we believe after you’ve felt all of those sensation, this place would totally recharge your energy and brings you a new positive thought. Finally, the last tip from us, don’t run when you’re accross the hill. If you do this, we’re sure that you will out of breath.

Feeling excited to come to this place? The scenery is really beautiful isn’t? In about 11 kilometers distance from Padasuka and from the 1500 meters height above the sea level, you will relaxed your mind and enjoy the city of stars from the top of Moko Hill.

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