MySkill, an education technology ( edutech ) startup with a focus on career preparation for young people, received initial funding from East Ventures. The value of this funding was not disclosed by East Ventures, which is a venture capital (VC) that is open to all sectors ( sector-agnostic ) in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

According to a study by JP Morgan and Singapore Management University, it was found that one of the causes of the low number of qualified workers in Indonesia is the gap between academia and industry. The situation is exacerbated by the pandemic which has affected millions of workers in Indonesia.

“This funding will accelerate our mission to support job seekers in Indonesia to reach their dream careers.

MySkill comes with innovative solutions that ensure better learning outcomes, which will create a domino effect in generating better social and economic impact in Indonesia,” said Angga Fauzan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MySkill in a press release.

MySkill democratizes skills improvement and job search for more than 70 million young workers in Indonesia by providing solutions.

They combine three types of learning, namely independent, interactive, and private learning. “We believe that the combination can bring better results from the learning process,” he said.

Edutech was founded by Angga Fauzan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MySkill and Erahmat, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of MySkill in mid-2021. The two co-founders are aware of the huge skills gap between the academic world and the skills needed in the world of work, which leads to many people having difficulty getting a decent job.

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MySkill will allocate funds to accelerate the adoption of the platform, as well as to continue to develop the solutions they offer.

MySkill has had over 700,000 users in less than a year since its inception, and currently provides three key learning solutions, including private mentoring, interactive bootcamps , and on-demand e-learning videos.

The combination of these various solutions provides a more immersive learning experience and will directly benefit and sharpen the skills of the users in getting their dream job.

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    Devina Halim, Principal of East Ventures said she was pleased to welcome MySkill as part of the East Ventures portfolio.

    He believes this edutech will be the right solution in ensuring the readiness of the academic world and the skills of its users to get their dream job.

    “Given the huge gap that Indonesia’s workforce is currently facing, we believe MySkill can bring more growth and impact to the workforce industry in Indonesia,” he explained.

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