Naked Press Juice : Healthy Juice Which Detox Your Body Into Next Level  “Starting the business is not just because we are bored with the previous job, but we must have a definite purpose,” Dewi Kusuma (Owner of Naked Press Juice)

The idea to run a business can come from anywhere, including from everyday life. As the air and environment deteriorate, the body becomes more susceptible to disease. For that, we need to protect the body from toxic substances such as free radicals that many drift freely in the air to keep the body healthy.

Seeing such condisis strengthens Dewi Kusuma’s determination to slam the stir leaving his career in the world of finance and turning into entrepreneurs fresh juice, juice drinks are different from the juice that many encountered. It is said that this juice has high efficacy for health, one of them remove toxins from the body through detox. This does not necessarily arise but it begins with the great hope of Goddess who wants to give positive impact to many people through health.

First career

Not Many know the figure of Goddess Kusuma, but if talking about fresh juice drinks that have properties for healthy body with Naked Press Juice, maybe almost some residents, especially young people are already familiar.

Yes, the success of Naked Press Juice is not separated from the ingenuity of the owner, but who would have thought a woman graduated from one of the universities in California was not a businessman, he actually spent his career as an employee working in the financial world (banking).

“Before plunging in Naked Press Juice I already 10 years working in the financial world, precisely in per bank-an. So I used to be a stock broker in a foreign bank in Indonesia, one of them is HSBC. I serve Indonesian clients and outside clients, “Dewi told us when found in the Naked Press Juice store.

Initially did not think in the minds of Goddess to become a juice entrepreneur. But at that time exactly in 2015, Dewi was bored with his job. He who is born as a figure who always hungry for new pengethaun, felt what he had learned in his career has reached the point ‘stagnant’, he was racked up looking for opportunities and new things that impact not only for himself but also for others .

“Around the year 2015 I started wanting to learn something else besides working in the financial world. Because his first learning tuh udah stuck. At that time my passion again want to learn about how healthy life is it anyway? Because I believe what will happen 5 years or one year ahead is reflected from what we do after work hours. So after work hours just sleep and not develop yourself, yaudah you will stak there, “he recalls enthusiastic.

Goddess is someone who always wait for a new thing, plunged into a career as a banking was not because he graduated in finance, precisely who would have thought that Goddess is a graduate of the marking majors.

“I used to major marketing so to enter the world of finance also I study hard. Basically because I like the challenge of learning everything from scratch, ”


Initially Dewi did want to just learn how to live healthy, find out how the body process nutrients. Slowly his good intentions then menjdi a passion, providing a new atmosphere in the sense of boredom.

Dewi has a good reason why she wants to learn about health, she wants to learn something she can share for others, not just for herself. In addition, health science can easily be applied in everyday life.

“Yes, I learned a lot how my body works, about nutrition. It is actually much easier because it can directly practice and can ngerasain own. Unlike the world of finance, that’s how you learn the economy globaly works, although there is practice but a bit more groped. Much easier to learn how our bodies work, “said Dewi steady.

Along with his new hobby, when stepping on the age of 3 heads Dewi began to realize what he was doing this dive throughout his career is not the pure he wants. He also returned to his expectations, want to give positive impact to many people.

“Actually started because of turning at age 30, at that time I asked myself if I was already in the place that I want? And it was not. First because I worked this tuh guns make impact in the community, just make yourself aja endis. Secondly I do not like corporate culture in my industry, so I think doing something where I can make all wishes I realized, first must nolong second person I want to make good corporate culture and third I want to apply what I learned so far. I finally have to create a product that makes people nolongin, ”

It is not easy to create a product, it takes a long time and strong research in order to create a brand. But Dewi again recalled the meeting with her colleagues in Singapore in 2014. Where Dewi’s partner is a business owner of a juice that is different from the juice he used to find both in the juice shop and in the supermarket.

“So I have a partner Cold Press Juice, back then in Singapore again really ngetren. Then he said that the rich in Indo blm is there anyway. It’s around the year 2014. Pas I research in Indo has also been a lot, “he recalled.

Dewi then fell in love with the juice produced by his colleagues who turned out very different premises with other fresh juice. Dewi who is a hobby of traveling he then did a research, where he tasted juice in every city he visited both in and outside the country. Dewi also felt the juice that he felt in various cities that many of them do not meet the nutritional needs.

“No some really healthy, and made ngasal, I keep thinking if you can diseriusin business fresh juice. After all this drink is also very influential yes, because juice can be a health therapy for the body. Finally that’s my decision to create Naked Press Juice, “said Dewi smiling.

And right in the middle of 2015 Naked Press Juice was officially established after Dewi finally decided to leave his career in the world of finance built for 10 years.

Naked Press Juice Drinks Fruits and Vegetables Help Remove DetoX

Fruit and vegetable juice has many advantages for us. Among them, strengthen the immune system, fight inflation, good for heart health, launched the digestive system, skin health maintenance, weight loss, and others.

But unfortunately many of us who process the juice indiscriminately, until finally reduce the vitamins and nutrients in it. In contrast to fresh juice, processed juices do not use this machine comes with a delicious taste and complete nutrition.

Fresh juice is becoming a new health drink trend in Indonesia. Before the name Naked Press Juice appeared in 2015, social media like instagram already enlivened with the emergence of Cold Press Juice. Unfortunately, not all people know what exactly fresh juice is.

“So the juice is really a lot of category, the most we meet is the drinks that are in minimarket, usually the drinks in the supermarket term is 30 days. It must have added sugar, and flavorings, drinks even though the name of the juice but it is not fresh juice, “said Dewi seriously.

While fresh juice such as Naked Press Juice is a juice that does not use preservatives at all and the manufacture is very hygienic, not using a machine or not destroyed then will then reduce the vitamins in the vegetables and fruits.

“Naked Press Juice does not use preservatives at all, other than that the process of making is not dibalender but milled, it was squeezed until the extract of the essence of vegetables and fruits,”

Naked Press Juice is different from other fresh juice, Dewi reduce the fruit as much as 30% and choose to multiply the vegetables in the materials that will be processed.

“The fruits in Naked are a little we limit in 30%, the rest tuh vegetable,”

In addition, the Naked Press Juice with other fresh juice is more serious about nutrition. This is the alsan Goddess to make her fresh juice very thorough and full of calculations.

“If I see on the market (which sells juice) the most serious about the nutrition is Naked. But back again to customernya, which must be the most important brand, the identity is needed in business. Because sekaramg not about what prodak served but what brand can be trusted, “he explained.

In one package weighing 330 ml, Naked Press Juice had to prepare 500 gm of vegetables and fruit. Jus dibandrol worth Rp45.000 per bottle is also a lot of taste variants, even they already have 13 flavors of 4 categories.

“If the menu does already have 13 flavors of 4 categories. Among them there are vegetables (green-green) then there is a citrus material from the lemon, the third is fruits and the fourth is nut milk, “said Dewi explained.

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It turns out that these categories have their own functions, such as green functions for digestion and citrus categories to meet vitamin C. Fresh Juice of Dewi is not only to meet the nutritional needs, but it can help the body to release bacteria through detox.

“Fresh juice also helps remove detox, we consume drink juice plus water for one or two days. Detox it is usually the drain of water so smoothly, sleep is also more sound and body so light. Removing detox from the body is a lot of ways but I think through this juice is one of the simple and effective way, “concluded Dewi end.

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