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National Brand Update – Whats News and Events Today –  A very hectic lifestyle and busy life in a big city like Jakarta demanding its people to move quickly. Count the women in. Whether it’s working, at school, or other activities, they have to be completely active. However, concerning about their clean face and its healthcare still cannot be ruled out

Technology and Micellar  Innovation In Garnier Newest Product

That the main reason why Garnier launched the latest product of facial cleanser, namely “Micellar Water”. Garnier’s Micellar is all-in-one cleansing water consists of clear, mild, and gentle-like water, but able to clean the makeup and face pollutants totally.

Reny K. Agustia, Marketing Manager Garnier, described micellar technology in Garnier Micellar Water contains tiny particles that work like a magnet; removing dirt and makeup so you do not need scrub it excessively.

“Cleaning the face by scrubbing it hard to remove all the dirt is a bad habit. But if the face is not perfectly cleaned, it will clog the pores and trigger acnes, while the wrong treatment makes the skin rough, dry, and lead to skin irritation, “said Reny.

She added that the formula of Garnier Micellar Water is also able to hydrate the skin mild and gentle when you apply it on your face. Therefore, when the face is cleaned properly and thoroughly, the potential for the acne to be on your face will be decreasing. This price of this new product is Rp 30,000 to the size of 125 ml and is available in two variants, which are for normal to oily skin and normal to sensitive.

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Bring Alexa Band , Sunlife Spread Message Unity

In order to counteract the chaotic atmosphere and the negative news happening in Indonesia today, the life insurance Sun Life Financial Indonesia chose Alexa joining the campaign calling for unity. Alexa, power pop group music wing is lined up to create a positive message through a song titled “Brighter as One”.

National Brand Update - Whats News and Events Today

National Brand Update – Whats News and Events Today – foto by marketing

“Through this collaboration with Alexa, we want to emphasize that we can influence public to be better, in line with the message in the song and the campaign Bright Life of Sun Life,” said Shierly Ge, Chief Marketing Officer of PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia.

National Brand Update – Whats News and Events Today The song – that previously has been launched since 11 September 2016 – will be included in any campaign activity Sun Life online as well as offline until January 2017. Further, Shierly explained the main reason for choosing Alexa is the positive track record as a band and they have been active for 10 years.

“We feel that we must and have to contribute supporting the efforts to create and spread a positive message through song,” said Aqi, the vocalist of Alexa.

Strengthening Distribution Line, BCA Life Officially Launched Telemarketing Call Center

In strengthening product distribution channels and insurance solutions through telemarketing, PT Asuransi Jiwa BCA (BCA Life) holds hand in hand with BCA Bank. This synergistic collaboration is shown by a symbolic signing of telemarketing sales cooperation between BCA and BCA Bank Life at the launching of the Telemarketing Call Center BCA Kartini.

Christine Setyabudhi, President and CEO of BCA Life, said the cooperation with BCA Bank is an attempt of BCA Life in strengthening telemarketing distribution channels that will sell two leading products, which are Hospital 100% Refundable and b-SAVE Accident Protection through the service of Call Center Telemarketing BCA Kartini.

“In addition to providing a high-quality product that has been fitted to what people need, we also enriched our distribution channels to reach the targeted market. One of them is the service of Call Center Telemarketing BCA Kartini, which is targeted to touch customers who have BCA savings and credit cards, “said Christine.

Suwignyo Budiman, Director of BCA, expressed a wish to provide added value and services of BCA Bank in giving banking solutions to accommodate people’s financial needs, one of them is through cooperation conducted by BCA Life. Telemarketing Call Center BCA Kartini has potential capacity of more than 100 seats, but currently is only occupied by 60 reliable and experienced telemarketers. They will offer BCA Life insurance products to customers of BCA Bank.

National Brand Update - Whats News and Events Today

National Brand Update – Whats News and Events Today-foto by marketing

Christine added that the 2016 is the first year of BCA Life fully operating, both in the infrastructure and sales distribution channels, namely bundled, telemarketing, collections, worksite, and bancassurance.

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As a fact that, per October 2016, BCA Life recorded 285.143 active customers with total premiums of Rp261.43 billion and paid claims amounting Rp42.84 billion. This shows the positive performance of the company, and this achievement cannot be detached from the foundation of the company or firmly built business strategy, since the first year of its official operation.

Meanwhile, service of Telemarketing Call Center BCA Kartini will market BCA Life products and services to BCA customers. With the achievement of the contribution target 10%─15% of the total premium to be achieved by 2016. National Brand Update – Whats News and Events Today

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