NEUMANN KH 120 II – NEUMANN KH 120 II , Lower Distortion , Audio brand Neumann has finally announced the release of the KH 120 II studio monitor. Continuing the success of its predecessor, this studio monitor offers improvements across all acoustic parameters for stronger bass, higher capability, as well as increased resolution.

The KH 120 II has been developed with a new woofer design that reduces sound distortion and enables a much higher SPL. This is made possible by the DSP-controlled electronics, whose advanced crossover avoids phase distortion caused by analogue filters. The built-in DSP also realises new standards in tonal consistency.


The Neumann KH 120 II is built with very low tolerances, no more than ±0.5 dB of stereo imaging, so it is extremely sharp. Although the KH 120 II amplifier delivers up to 145 W to the 5.25″ woofers and 100 W to the 1″ tweeters, it consumes only 17 W at idle.

    Auto-standby reduces power consumption to 0.3 W when the KH 120 II is not in use for a while, but can be disabled. These studio monitors are priced at Rp 47.9 million per pair.

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