New Start Up For Fashion – Unique Is Their Trademark  Many startup founders start their business by thinking about what problems exist around the environment. Just then yes trying to find solutions to these problems in the form of technology-based services.

This also applies to the founder of startup, Putry Yuliastutik. itself is a digital startup that has a service search for home tailor services. Carrying the concept like an online-based application booking service, different is the product where through services, consumers can search tailors more easily and not limited time.

Kostoom Starting From Experience – Start With Unique Selling Points

Putry Yuliastutik began to think the concept of Kostoom begins with his mother who is a home tailor. In addition, he also observed that not infrequently people need clothes but sometimes less suitable for fashion models so and want to sew to fit the size. Of course, at times like this required professional tailoring services and trusted.

From there Kostoom was born, this digital startup is unique because it chooses a home tailor services business, but with a similar concept of Uber transport online application service. Through this app you can choose tailor that suits your needs and recommendations online.

Available services range from dress, kebaya, shirt, outwear, long dress, to Muslim dress and gamis. Then get a fair price quote.

“The main inspiration to make and run this business is because of my own mother who is a home tailor, for over 20 years. All the trouble in the sewing world if it had been felt by my mother. And I, who sees each day, feel moved to do something to help him, “said Putry

Want to Help Advance Local Tailor

Since her own mother is a home tailor, and has problems to reach new customers, she thinks there are still many other home tailors who are also experiencing the same problem.

“Finally I think why online service is only for my mother only? There are still many millions of tailors in Indonesia who also feel the same. Therefore I built Kostoom with the aim to improve the welfare of the home tailors in Indonesia and give them access to get more stitch orders, “said Putry.

With the application-based services Kostoom, later customers who want to find a tailor or a provider of residential sewing services can be brought together on a single digital platform.

Putry explained, customers only need to upload the design or model that has been available on the site, choose the size, as well as the selection of clothing materials. If they are located in the Jakarta area and surrounding areas, Kostoom will help make an appointment to bring a tailor home to make measurements, as well as take out clothing material.

For the tailor or small convection services, will benefit from the concept of economic sharing. For those who have a small scale business, certainly not able to handle a job that is too big.

“For fashion entrepreneurs who are new, direct sewing in convection is usually somewhat burdensome. Generally, the minimum order in the convection was 500 outfits for one model. So we make this platform to give opportunities to new players in order to expand their business, “explained Putry again.
Application Development

Challenges certainly faced in the development of applications owned by Putry, one of which is how to turn the capital. Understandably, Kostoom is still running bootstrap alias using private funds.

“Kostoom from the beginning until now is a company that has generated profit every month. But for now it is the capital that we use still to run Kostoom operations until one year ahead. So, for the return of the capital we estimate about 2-3 years more, “he said.

Even so, there are actually some interested parties to become investors from Kostoom. But the young founder is still trying to stand on its own, although in terms of achievement can be considered quite promising.

The next target, winner of Tour Jakarta 2015, and Top 5 Startup Pitch Day is planning to expand the reach of the service. Currently, Kostoom is still focused on serving Jabodetabek area only. Although Kostoom has been serving customers to Singapore

Alia Noor Anoviar ~ Entrepreneur Inspirational Women Social Concern

Life in the world always offers two different sides. There are times when a person is destined to become financially capable, but some may be destined for more need. Likewise, there is always an effort to give and receive between humans.

This simple thought may be the basis of the mind of an inspirational female entrepreneur named Alia Noor anoviar. With a high awareness of the social conditions surrounding his neighborhood, Alia established a community empowerment movement called Dreamdelion Community Empowerment (DCE).

Through these activities, he wants to help others, especially those who need in financial terms. The way he did was very interesting that not only give but educate through the existence of social business. From there he can share and provide positive benefits for many people in the lower economies. Here’s the full story.

Behind the Conditions of the Capital Jakarta

Living in a big city like Jakarta might offer a decent life. But it is undeniable that some of the less fortunate must feel the weight of life in the capital.

In a condition of deprivation, maybe you can say not too many people who notabenenya more capable, then moved to help others. However, at least a positive step has been taken by Alia Noor Anoviar through the social movement Dreamdelion Community Empowerment.

“Seeing the condition of inequality of Indonesia’s capital, I was moved to make changes. Here I try to initiate a community empowerment movement called Dreamdelion Community Empowerment. Its existence is motivated by social problems with the condition of people who have limited access to work, health, and education, “said Alia

In simple terms the concept that is carried by the DCE is to help the community not only through direct assistance but through empowerment. The first step taken by the movement is to empower housewives in making handicrafts which are then marketed under the brand Dreamdelion.

Regarding the early founding of the DCE, Alia had experienced a difficult period in which no support from the people around him.

“At first I tried door to door, and had experienced rejection from the public. They have some sort of resistance to the students. The reason, many students who come to offer a similar program, but they leave. So the program is not implemented. They seemed to be given false hopes to the mothers who were there, “Alia story.

But he does not give up, and keep trying to educate both friends and the environment.

Finally, the first step successfully run through the establishment of studio as a project for student creativity weekend competition.

“Initially this studio is a project for the Student Creativity Week Student Life category competition that can run continuously,” recalled Alia.

Three Different Communities

Application of a further concept from the DEC is forming 3 different empowerment communities. Each community represents a more specific goal and a different goal. The 3 communities are DreamDelion Cerdas, Dreamdelion Sehat, and Dreamdelion Kreatif.

For the DreamDelion Cerdas community, it has a goal as a place for school-aged children to help improve the quality of education. What is done is certainly not far from teaching efforts through tutoring or other activities.

Furthermore, Dreamdelion Sehat has a goal to reduce the problems in the field of health and environment. The target of the second community is more on the environment of the citizens as well as housewives. And finally, Dreamdelion Kreatif has the main objective to provide debriefing skills for the community so that later can open the business independently.

From there, according to Alia, the target he most wants to develop is the children sector. “I have the determination and intention to develop children who live in marginal areas to be more skilled and better educated,” Alia said.

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Development of Movement

Although before the DCE only moved in the capital of Jakarta, but along with the development of the movement, finally can menyambangi some other cities on the island of Java, including Yogyakarta, Ngawi and Garut.

In its development, for the DreamDelion Cerdas community, has taught no less than 60 students in Jakarta as well as 25 students in Jogjakarta. We must support the positive steps as Alia has done.

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