New Technology Touches – New Technology Touches , Technology has the role of an enabler for entertainment marketing. Although it brings a new experience, digital technology is not necessarily a cool factor for entertainment-based marketing. The touch of technology must be integrated with the touch of human senses.

Content is an important part of digital marketing. The quality of content is required to be more interesting and personalised so that consumers can more easily capture the message it carries. The more sophisticated the technology, the more interesting the content presentation will be as it provides new colours and experiences.

Technologies such as VR, AR, 3D screens to holograms are some of the latest technologies that support content presentation. With these technologies, brands will be able to be more interactive with their customers. Meanwhile, the consumption of these new technologies is increasingly widespread among brands. This is evidenced by the results of Accenture Interactive’s research entitled Try It. Trust It. Buy It. (Graph 1)

Why do consumers want brands to utilise this technology? According to the report, 52% of consumers surveyed want to see products more clearly. Then, 42% of consumers want to be able to try out product features and capacities without having to visit the store in person.

In addition, 42% of respondents wanted to try out the product first before buying it. Then, 39% of consumers feel confident when marketing is done with immersive and experiential content. Then, 29% of consumers want this immersive technology to be able to accommodate their desire to customise products according to their tastes.

In short, the application of immersive technology is not just a pragmatic matter, such as increasing sales. This technology can certainly make product packaging in adverts attractive. Thus, consumers feel that the content displayed is interesting, far from the perspective of adverts that seem to encourage buyers to reach into their wallets and buy certain products.

New Technology Touches
New Technology Touches

The same report also mentions that the application of immersive technology is also able to encourage consumer confidence to buy products. Globally, 4% of consumers surveyed admitted to having more trust when brands own and implement immersive technology. Then, 34% of consumers surveyed admitted, they more easily remember brands that apply these technologies.

Brands are apparently competing in the implementation of this technology in creating immersive content and displays. Driven by the pandemic, the implementation of this technology seems to be getting higher, even after the pandemic. In Perkinscoie’s report entitled “XR Industry Insider: 2021 XR Survey”, there are at least eight industry sectors that are more advanced in implementing this technology. (Graph 2)

Of the eight industries, the health industry and marketing are the two industries with the highest implementation. Especially marketing, which in the previous year was expected to grow only 16%, actually grew up to 31%. In line with the survey, advertising company PT Prisma Harapan or Prisma Advertising has started using experiential technology since 2021.

A touch of 3D
Meryl Tjokrowardojo, Marketing and Sales Manager of Prisma Advertising shared that in 2021, Prisma handled Sony Pictures as its client. The promotion was done to promote Sony Pictures’ film at that time, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Prisma at that time implemented 3D Anamorphic technology, audio out-of-home real time streaming.

The result was a video display of two characters, Venom and Carnage, fighting a fierce battle. Using 3D Anamorphic technology, the display on the three-dimensional LED screen at Chase Plaza Sudirman, the battle between the two made the LED look destroyed. In terms of sound, pedestrians and vehicle passengers can scan the QR code, and the sound will appear on their mobile phones as the video plays. Not just seeing the trailer, but the sound coming from the mobile phone makes the battle between the two characters seem real.

The use of immersive technology has also been applied in Indonesia. V2 Indonesia, which is engaged as a technology provider, has also been handling client requests in the application of AR and VR technology for immersive content. V2 Indonesia has also introduced the first phase of extended reality (XR) technology at the Integrity Convention Center house of worship or commonly known as the Bethel Indonesia Church House of Worship (GBI PRJ), at the NXC International Summit 2022, podcast and digital entertainment ecosystem PT Dektos Digital Corbuzier (Corbuzier).

Nandyan Banyu Biru, Chief Marketing Officer of V2 Indonesia shared that the company had handled a client who was a state-owned bank. The client’s request at that time was to create a digital twin. A digital twin is a digital form of an object that is completely similar.

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    Purpose Defined
    In its application, both technologies have different stages and challenges. “In the early stages, we first determine the purpose of using AR and VR in client events. Is it for visitor interaction, providing interactive experiences, or enhancing company branding. By knowing that, we can choose the right technology to prepare the content,” said Nandi.

    After determining the objectives, the company needs to prepare the content. The content should be tailored to the event being held. For example, if the event is held offline, then the content selection must be interactive for both children and adults.

    Nandi added that technicians working in the field also need to be trained. This training is conducted so that technicians fully understand the technology being operated. Training also serves to minimise human error in the implementation of activities.

    Prisma also applies the same thing in the implementation of 3D content. After the activity, Prisma will provide a report in the form of cross analytics to the client, which is the result of the report from the activity. V2 Indonesia also does the same thing. The report also serves as a reference for events that require similar tools. In addition, V2 Indonesia also checks and maintains the equipment after use.

    Technology providers and brands certainly hope that the application of this technology will have a positive impact, either by boosting brand awareness or acquiring a number of new consumers. Not only that, it is possible that the experience of new technology ii opens the door to wider cooperation. One example is Dana, a Prisma client who eventually opened a partnership with coffee retailer Starbucks.

    For Prisma and V2 Indonesia, their roles behind the scenes are not immune to the positive impact of immersive content. The use of this new technology is apparently able to attract new consumers, not only for clients, but for V2 Indonesia and Prisma itself. The content is able to attract new consumers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment and is able to attract new clients for the business-to-business (B2B) segment.

    Nandi said that many of his clients recommend V2 Indonesia as a partner in working on immersive content. These recommendations are obtained either after working with the company or after attending an exhibition organised by V2 Indonesia.

    The same goes for Prisma, which according to Meryl implements its experiential content with out-of-home technology. “This is evident from the increase in new clients to Prisma by 40%. That happened in December 2022 when compared to 2021. So, we became top of mind,” she said.

    In the early stages, we first determine the purpose of using AR and VR in client events. By knowing that, we can choose the right technology to prepare the content.
    Nandyan Banyu Biru
    Chief Marketing Officer of V2 Indonesia

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