– Omni-Channel , 2021 is a year that is quite a shock to the business industry. When physical events become virtual and major marketing budgets are cut; outdoor advertising or out of home (OOH) remains the most relevant channel to reach people who are still active.

Quoting data from GroupM, they estimate that global advertising growth in 2021 will reach 12.3%. And according to WARC’s latest report, OOH will be the second-fastest growing medium by 2021, with advertising spending increasing by 20%.

In 2021, the pandemic will continue to be a phenomenon that makes things uncertain. Advertising businesses are required to find more alternatives that are faster and can adapt to unpredictable environments. Innovative and creative are the keys to survive amid the limitations of consumer activity outside the home.

Online or digital advertising will be the dominant choice for business people. This advertising is more accurate and flexible because the integrated ecosystem will increase OOH personalization and localization.

Seeing such an opportunity, a company that is primarily engaged in offline advertising should be challenged to meet this need and strengthen its offline inventory by integrating online inventory . Advertisers or brands can launch their advertisements in the digital realm but are integrated with offline advertising .

For example, using the online reporting dashboard for tracking offline ads that are running live. Ub Advertisements have implemented through Ubinetwork. This technology can count the number of eyes that see the ad and the location or route of the ad.

In the future, it is predicted that there will be various innovations from digital or online OOH technology in the world. Examples are interactive digital OOH and programmable digital OOH. Interactive digital OOH connects products and audiences so that they interact with each other through an advertisement.

For example, what Nescafe did when promoting the latest cold brew product at People’s Square Station, Shanghai.

When standing in the interactive area and moving the body, the audience can control the Nescafe bottle on a digital screen, collect coffee drops and try to fill the bottle in 30 seconds. After the game mission is complete, participants will receive a QR code that can be used to get a free bottle of cold brew from the nearest vending machine .

Whereas programmed digital OOH creates unlimited opportunities to use data to trigger content. One of the world’s high-tech automotive brands, Toyota, has proven the superiority of programmable Digital OOH installed at 3,290 strategic points in Turkey and has succeeded in increasing its sales.

In Indonesia, advertising with Omni-Channel integration is a growing trend. Ub Iklan itself has collaborated and collaborated with several digital platforms and news portals to provide a breakthrough in offline and online advertising integration , so that it can meet the needs of brands when advertising.

For example, automatically providing notifications or opening advertisers’ websites / articles on the audience’s device (cellphone / tablet) while in the billboard / car branding ad area installed. Audiences will get extra information from ads that are installed offline.

The pandemic has not prompted advertising to innovate. Instead, they are adapting by creating the latest advertising trends, which become the choice of more diverse brands .

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