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Santa Angela The Oldest School In Bandung

SMA Santa Angela Bandung is one of the schools in Bandung which was founded on February 27, 1951 with the name of SMA SANTA ANGELA.

This school earned the highest accreditation for private high schools in 1985 that it is able to maintain to this day.

Based on a European poll of elderly people, more than 80 percent stated that their school and adolescence were the most beautiful times of their lives.

The oldest school

It turns out that the oldest school in Bandung is not a school with the status of the country. Rather two private schools are Santa Angela and Santo Aloysius.

As reported earlier that the story begins when Godee Molsbergen as Head of the Archives of the Netherlands East Indies came to Bandung in 1820 to establish a school.

But at that time, the school level was divided into two, namely the first class for the Dutch and the second class for the Bumiputra. Then the two schools were built, followed by the establishment of SMAK Dago.

History ST. ANGELA

The Santa Angela campus is a Catholic school run by the Ursuline Sustes. Santa Angela Campus consists of Play Group (KB) / TK, elementary, junior and senior high school.

The education on the Santa Angela campus instilled the spirit and example of Santa Angela and the Core Value of Values ​​of Education in line with the Mission Vision of the Santa Angela campus. Santa Angela Campus sums up the Core Value into SERVITE et AMATE which means “Serve and Love”.

History of St. Angela on Jalan Merdeka started in 1905 when Moeder Agustine Philipsen from Noordwijk wanted to open elementary school in Indonesia.  Intentions Moeder’s Agustine Philipsen opened a new elementary school on July 2, 1906.

St. Institute of Education Angela officially opened on July 2, 1906 and has now become one of the famous school in Bandung.

On July 1, 1920, HBS (Hogere Burger School) opened with a total of 11 students. For this school brought three teachers from Noordwijk namely Sr. Agnes Grene, Sr. Anastasia Mignolet and Sr. Varonique Ahne.

The new HBS building was then blessed in a special event called St Angela with the motto: Serviam (Latin = We Serve).

When it was St. Angela and St. Aloysius is better known by the nickname of the Menak School because most of its students are son of the nobles or or the have group.

When the Japanese occupation, it was a big impact and included this Santa Angela School.

On March 21, 1942, when the Japanese invaded Indonesia, there were rules that all schools should be closed, including St. Angela.

Japan bombarded the United States finally admitted defeat in World War II. Japan also left its colonies including Indonesia. On October 26, 1945, Santa Angela’s school reopened. Started again on 26 October 1945.

Until now the school of Santa Angela shelter under Widya Bhakti Foundation.

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Naming History

Perhaps the school of Santa Angela is strongly influenced by Catholic culture, which also makes this school a private school based on Catholicism. Therefore the name of this school insert “Santa” or “Saint” which is characteristic of religion Christian.

When looking at the naming background, according to sources it says that Santa Angela’s school was taken from the name of an identical atollic sister named “Santa Angela”.

Santa Angela was born on 21 March 1474 in Desenzano Italy, on the shores of Lake Garda. His father was named Biancosi. The simple and holy Santa Angela family is very faithful to prayer. He has 3 brothers and a younger sister.

This godly family always lives in harmony. Angela as a girl always helps her parents work.
By the time Angela was alive, it was only noble sons and daughters who had been educated in monasteries. Angela does not get education at school like we do now, she taught herself.

One afternoon during a harvest season when Angela was praying, she saw a vision, a line of angels and girls coming toward her. Among the girls she saw her sister. Angela is very happy because she believes that her sister is happy with God.

He entered into a fellowship member “DIVINO AMORE” this group worked hard to help people who suffered. Angela has many friends both men and women.

Many people who know Angela always feel calm and peaceful. They always ask for Angela’s advice and finally they gain inner peace.

Enter the Cultural Heritage

And finally again the cultural heritage in Jalan Merdeka Kota Bandung is Santa Angela School building. This building is located adjacent Town Hall Complex.

This building is also parallel to Polrestabes Bandung Headquarters whose building is also included in the list of cultural heritage in Bandung.

The St. Angela is the result of the design of the Hulswit Fermont & Cuypers Dikstaal Architectural Bureau and was built in 1922. The building was once a house. In 1905, the house was purchased by Moeder Agustine Philipsen from Noordwijk, Zuid, The Netherlands. The Dutchman intends to open an elementary school in Indonesia.

This school continues to grow. HBS was a public high school during the Dutch East Indies. This school is for Dutch, European or indigenous elite. The introduction language uses Dutch. The five-year education is equivalent to MULO + AMS (SMP + SMA).

In 1922, a new building was built. The building is designed by the Bureau of Architects Hulswit, Fermont, and ED Cuypers Dikstaal. On July 9, 1923, the newly blessed HBS Building and named St. Angela.

This Bureau built many buildings in several cities in the Dutch East Indies. Stores de Vries on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung for example.


The facilities owned by this school are quite complete. Because this school is famous school for the nobles since the first. So it is not strange that the reputation of this school was indeed good among other private schools.

  • Classroom
  • Library
  • Teacher’s room
  • Principal’s office
  • Living room
  • Cafeteria
  • Field
  • Language laboratory
  • Biology lab
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry lab
  • Computer lab
  • Chapel



Student Organization

  1. OSIS

OSIS (Intra School Student Organization) in SMA Santa Angela Bandung has been running well. For each election the Chairman of the OSIS is done by direct election by high school students of Santa Angela Bandung, for the mission campaign and vision of every candidate for OSIS Chairman is performed during the flag ceremony. The term of office of the Chairman of the OSIS is a one-year stewardship.

  1. Extracurricular

Extrauricular or student organizations that train students. In this school there are some quite diverse extracurricular. Because the school has a fairly large number of students. Among them as below:

  • Nature Lovers (PANTALA)
  • Cart
  • Choir
  • Futsal
  • German language
  • Mandarin language
  • Japanese language
  • French language
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Contemporary Music
  • Journalism
  • Graphic design
  • Wushu
  • Cullinary art
  • Photography
  • English conversation
  • Cosplay
  • Ribbon
  • National Science Olympiad


Santa Angela to this day is known to be a pretty good school, for the level of private schools in the city of Bandung. Large enough area, up to two roads namely freeways and Sumatra road.

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