Online Selling Strategy With Instagram

UQWO – Online Selling Strategy With Instagram , Social media has now developed into a place to market and even sell products. Instagram is also one application that has many users. Thus offering many opportunities for online sellers to find customers.

In addition, shopping on Instagram also has a number of conveniences that consumers like. Not only can you see product images and videos according to the visual nature of Instagram.

However, you can also include a product description in the form of a story as a caption to attract attention. In addition, it is also easy to communicate between sellers and buyers and with just a few simple steps to buy products. There are several online selling strategies with Instagram that can be done, in order to increase product sales.

Knowing the Product

Before determining an online selling strategy with Instagram, the first thing to determine is the product to be sold. Not a few people are confused about which products to sell, especially for beginners who want to try selling online so they decide to sell various products.

This will actually make it difficult to determine the target market and product branding.

Please note that the product to be sold will influence other decisions such as store name and logo design. The way to determine the product you are going to sell is for example by following the trend early. Please research what products are trending in recent years. Examples are healthy food, beauty products, and camera accessories.

Identify Customer Base

After completing the product for sale, then identify the customer base. The way to identify the customer base is to determine the target market.

The target market is a group of potential customers to buy the product being sold.
Making assumptions by guessing who will buy the product being sold is different from understanding the target market. With a target market, sellers really find out their needs and motivations based on demographics.

Such as gender, age, education level and occupation. However, this is not a simple matter and still requires an in-depth review of the product being sold and potential customers.

Identify the customer base by analyzing the offering by determining what problems can be solved from the product being sold. For example, if the product being sold is motorcycle gloves, then the target market is adults who own motorcycles. Then determine the uniqueness of your product compared to its competitors.

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Online Selling Strategy With Instagram


So that customers recognize the products offered, then do branding as a way for people to identify a business. Determine the brand name of the product being sold, then because you will use Instagram as a medium for marketing, make an Instagram name that is unique and easy for customers to remember, also create a logo that supports business with an attractive color combination and also completes a business Instagram profile.

Business Instagram Account

Use a business Instagram account instead of a standard Instagram to make your business look more professional and also gives you access to a number of selling options. In addition, how to switch from standard Instagram to business Instagram is easy and free. By logging into the account on Instagram Standae then clicking on the top of the dashboard. Click settings at the bottom right, and scroll down to the “Switch to Business Profile” section. The account used should also be specifically for sales.

Complete Profile

Complete the profile on the business instagram account. In the Instagram bio section, you can include a short description of the product being sold. For example product brands, contact information and others. In addition, include the location so that the business is more professional as well as a link. The link is for example a link to order a product.

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Online Selling Strategy With Instagram


Instagram is a medium that pays great attention to visuals. Therefore, the content created must be interesting to look at. Content that can be used as content is photos and videos.

Good photo and video content, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, but also presenting a story that is connected to the product being sold. If you are going to use photos, then this story can be written in the caption section, but don’t be too long and make the reader feel bored. If you use video, the story can be made with an interesting plot.

So that it is more likely that customers will understand the products offered. In addition, the photos and videos can also be added to the link to buy the product.

Choose a unique theme paying attention to the colors, fonts in the content presented, Use photo or video editing applications to produce an aesthetic appearance. Create quality photos and videos to make them visually appealing. Then the display of photos and videos must be dynamic and not shaky.
Other content that can be used for

k attract customers are tutorials and quizzes related to the products being sold. In addition, you can also do Q & A so that customers feel they have an involvement in your business.

In addition, the content posted on the Instagram feeds section is not just sales. Also display content that can educate customers, but must remain relevant to the product being sold. So that customers know more about the products offered.

Online Selling Strategy With Instagram

Maximize Features

There are several Instagram features that can also help increase the resulting online sales, which are as follows.
• Instagram Stories.
One of these Instagram features provides a considerable opportunity for businesses to engage with customers personally and more frequently. In this story, there are not a few online sellers to post photos or videos of products being sold, promote special offers to show off new items.
• Insights
An important feature in selling online on Instagram is insight. Here there is data that is easily accessible directly via Instagram. In this Insight contains tabs of activity including profile visits, reach, website clicks, and see post performance in detail.
• Links
Adding a link in Instagram Stories provides an opportunity to encourage customers to view the product for sale. Make sure the links are relevant to the stories posted.
• Hashtags
In Instagram hashtags can also expand the reach of customers. Thus connecting with more customers and more likely to sell more products.
• Bookmark Posts
When posting photos on Instagram feeds, in order to make it easier for customers to use the mark post feature. When you tag a product in your feeds, a shopping icon will appear. So that when buyers offer payments on Instagram, they can buy instantly without having to switch applications.

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    Instagram Ads

    One way that can be used to increase the customer base is through Instagram ads. However, these Instagram ads cost money. So if the online sales that are being pioneered do not have large capital, you should maximize the Instagram features properly.

    Evaluation of Results

    What online salespeople often miss is the evaluation of results. By looking at the insight feature, you can find out what must be maintained and improved from several strategies that have been carried out.

    In addition to the several online selling strategies with Instagram that have been explained, it is necessary to know that gathering a lot of customers is not an easy thing. Therefore, it is very important to always be consistent with scheduling what will be posted.

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