Oreo Ritz Biscuits , Oreo and Ritz Collaboration Launch Limited Edition Biscuits
Two iconic biscuit brands Oreo and Ritz collaborated and launched a unique snack product in limited quantities. The collaboration between Oreo and Ritz produces a sandwich biscuit with two different biscuits on each side that brings out a mix of sweet and salty flavors.

Launching from various sources, the company that oversees the two biscuit brands , namely PT Mondelez International, revealed that it had been planning this innovative collaboration for the past few years. The statement was delivered by Ritz Senior Brand Manager Alexis Yap quoting from his statement in the Fox Business article,

“Over the past few years, Ritz has explored various innovative collaborative designs to fuel consumer excitement for our butter crackers . We couldn’t resist the opportunity to collaborate with our partner Oreo in presenting a snack that consists of a mixture of salty and sweet flavors,” said Alexis quoted from Fox Business

Through this collaboration, Oreo and Ritz market a combination snack product of Ritz crackers with peanut butter on one side and the other side consisting of vanilla cream and Oreo’s signature chocolate biscuits. This collaboration is an exploratory effort by Oreo and Ritz to deliver products that excite fans.

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Oreo and Ritz

In addition to producing snacks with unique flavor combinations, another interesting thing about the collaboration between Oreo and Ritz is that these snacks are available in limited quantities. This limited edition snack is only produced in 1,000 packs and is only marketed through the official website .

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    As a gimmick , Oreo and Ritz also released Instagram filters to increase fan interest regarding this collaboration. To get these biscuits from the collaboration of Oreo and Ritz, customers don’t need to spend money.

    These limited edition biscuits are given free of charge to customers by ordering them through the official website . Fans who want and have the opportunity to try it only have to spend enough to pay shipping costs of US $ 3.95 or around Rp. 58 thousand.

    This collaboration caused various responses from Oreo and Ritz fans after it was officially announced through the official Oreo Twitter account . But apparently, this unique collaboration is quite in demand. The reason is, based on Marketeers ‘ latest monitoring on the official Oreo website, the collaboration snacks have sold out quickly

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