Changes in everyone’s lifestyle today make Otten Coffee motivated to be more adaptive. As a leading technology company in the Indonesian coffee industry, Otten Coffee presents OttenMatic in the newest and largest store in Bandung, with the hope of realizing a more aggressive and sustainable coffee industry growth.

Otten Coffee, a coffee e-commerce that provides various coffee needs such as coffee beans, coffee machines, grinders to barista equipment, for home and commercial use. Otten Coffee is now innovating by giving technology a role in international-class Indonesian coffee brewing to provide a new and different coffee experience for coffee lovers in Indonesia.

Archipelago Coffee Brewing Automation

The global pandemic is changing the world’s people to live new social habits. OttenMatic with robotic functions provides a new and unique experience of enjoying coffee from various origins in Indonesia. With the latest technology, OttenMatic is here to prioritize customers and support health protocols by creating a new, contact-less coffee experience.

The Latest Evolution and Technological Innovation in the Indonesian Coffee Industry

OttenMatic is a pioneer in the robotic-based coffee industry in Indonesia. Integrating AI intelligence, software , and hardware OttenMatic is ready to provide the best service in every brew to produce quality coffee.

OttenMatic involves the application of visual data up to 30,000 motion settings, 3,000 hours of brewing training to produce a coffee dish that can transmit the passion and love of quality coffee.

Explore a Coffee Adventure and Wander a Special Taste

The five senses are stimulated to see how OttenMatic brews Indonesian coffee for you. Informative insightful narrative from upstream to downstream, roasting profile, brewing method, tools used, to the aroma of coffee and world-class delicious taste in each serving.

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If you’re curious, you can visit Otten Coffee Bandung to witness the Robot Barista’s expertise personally and experience a different coffee experience for yourself. OttenMatic will tell the narrative story of a single origin of Indonesian coffee that is different every day. Enjoy the process from the beginning of the coffee brewing until it is ready to be served directly by OttenMatic to you.

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