PetaNetra Co-Founder: Sense of Purpose Becomes the Key to Developer – PetaNetra Co-Founder: Sense of Purpose Becomes the Key to Developer , Representing the IT sector, Alif Mahardika as C o-Founder of PetaNetra and an alumnus of the Apple Developer Academy shared his experiences on how to be a good developer .

According to Alif, no matter how advanced technology is in this modern era, of course it will develop first and will not immediately succeed on the first try. Taking Apple’s example with its success, not many consumers used its products when the now-advanced company released a line of gadgets in the early days of Apple’s pioneering.

Therefore, Alif Mahardika stated that the way to be a good developer is to have the desire to study hard and not be afraid to fail. Because of these two initial keys, Alif succeeded in making the PetaNetra application. Alif shared his experience, that the first step to finding a problem that needs to be solved can lead Alif to develop his product under Apple’s care.

“One of the things that is taught at Apple Developer Academy , and I think it’s really important to share in this forum is that when trying to develop something, we have to figure out what problems are around us that need to be solved. That way, we will minimize the possibility of bias when we make mistakes at the product development stage,” he said


According to Alif, the problem that became the background for the establishment of PetaNetra is a problem that is quite urgent, but is often considered trivial by the public. Therefore, the PetaNetra team conducted initial research with a group of blind people and related volunteers as research respondents.

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The results of the research show that the visually impaired have a desire for the public environment to be designed so that they can travel independently.

Therefore, PetaNetra is presented as a navigation application that takes advantage of the accessibility and AR features available on the iOS iPhone device to help the visually impaired and individuals with vision problems, so that they can travel safely because they are directed easily by voice directions that come out of the PetaNetra application.

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This successfully developed application will soon collaborate with the government so that its features can be used in public transportation. In his presentation, Alif emphasized that in becoming a good developer , an individual must have a sense of purpose and know what the ultimate goal is to achieve.

“When studying, especially being a developer , make sure you have a sense of purpose first and dream big in finding ideas to create anything. Thus, hopefully we can become good developers and can find out what the goal is when learning something. Also, you can always get up when you face failure,” continued Alif Mahardika.

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