Bandung Advertiser – Pineus Tilu Pangalengan Camping Sensation on the Riverside Bandung Area

Spending time in nature for a vacation or just relaxing from the busyness of everyday life is a vacation destination that still exists today. Even for some people who like nature, they don’t feel relaxed if their vacation is not in nature. So that many natural tourist sites have many enthusiasts until now.


In Bandung, which is famous for its various interesting tourist sites, it also offers natural attractions that are certainly still beautiful. Various types of natural locations such as pine forests, mountains, waterfalls, to rivers are widely available in Bandung. One of the most famous and newest natural attractions in the pine forest is Pineus Tilu Pangalengan, which is also located on the bank of a river.

This pine forest offers a beautiful atmosphere typical of pine forests and river banks. In this pine forest, the main activity is camping or camping, visitors will feel the sensation of staying in nature with a beautiful atmosphere. There are various activities that can be done in this pine forest.

Location of Pineus Tilu Pangalengan

Pineus Tilu Pangalengan is located in the Pinus Rahing Forest area and is on the banks of the Palayangan River. The exact location is in the Pulosari area, Pangalengan District, Bandung. The location is still beautiful by offering a cool atmosphere in the middle of the forest and by the river.

This tourist spot is quite new, namely for Pineus Tilu Pangalengan 1 it just opened on July 18, 2021, while for Pineus Tilu Pangalengan 2 it just opened in October 2021. This natural tourist spot is indeed designed to return to nature without changing the surrounding natural location, so it is still beautiful.

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Pineus Tilu Pangalengan

Facilities and How to Book at Pineus Tilu Pangalengan

Even though it carries a beautiful natural theme, don’t worry about the facilities you get. Of course, the facilities offered are complete and have a commensurate cost. To be able to enjoy the facilities at the Pineus Tilu Pangalengan camping site, visitors need to make an online booking first.

The camping time offered is from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day. The facilities offered are quite diverse. Among other things, there are sockets, tents with a capacity of 4-6 people, sleeping bags, foam mattresses, private dining & coffee tables, breakfast, fishing equipment, lights, eco & clean toilets, warm water, parking areas that can accommodate up to 25-30 people. cars, Barbeque cooking utensils, dining areas, and so on.

Activities at Pineus Tilu Pangalengan


Spending a night or a few nights out in nature is likely to be very relaxing. This one natural tourist spot also provides it, visitors can enjoy the night in the pine forest as well as the riverbank to feel the beautiful atmosphere in nature.

For those who don’t want to bother bringing their own camping equipment, there’s no need to worry, because in this place, camping equipment is provided, such as tents, cooking utensils, and sleeping bags. So visitors only need to prepare warm clothes because it is certain that the air will be much cooler.

The cost to rent a tent in this place is also not too expensive, the article is set at Rp. 500,000 per tent for weekdays. While on Saturday nights and Sunday nights the price is set at IDR 650,000 / tent. With a beautiful and calming atmosphere, of course, this is a commensurate price.

For those who want to camp together, there is no need to worry, because the capacity of each tent is quite a lot. There are two types of tents offered, one with a capacity of four people and the other with a capacity of six people. The space in the tent is also well organized, there are separate beds with various places to put things.

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Pineus Tilu Pangalengan


Camping activities are unlikely to be complete without barbecue activities. This activity is quite a favorite of the visitors. There is no need to be confused about the equipment for the barbecue, because each tent has provided a grill for each barbeque. This activity will be more exciting on a sunny night.

For barbecue ingredients such as corn, meat, or potatoes, visitors can bring their own. Barbeque in the middle of the forest with the sound of gurgling river water, cold weather, while chatting with friends will certainly be more fun for this barbeque activity.


If it’s a barbeque at night with friends, then on a sunny day you can do outdoor activities that are no less exciting. River currents that are not too heavy with beautiful views of the forest will be very suitable for rafting locations. Visitors can do activities with many friends.

This river has the name Palayangan River, has a fairly stable current so it is very suitable for rafting or rafting activities. Equipment for this activity, of course, has been provided. This rafting activity can be enjoyed by everyone at least six years old.

No need to be confused about how

if you run out of equipment for rafting, because in this place there are various services that offer this rafting activity. When entering the gate visitors will be offered this rafting activity, so they don’t have to bother looking for their own services.

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Pineus Tilu Pangalengan


Activities that can be done in one of the tourist attractions in Bandung is fishing. With a cool and beautiful forest atmosphere, it will certainly give a different fishing sensation. Visitors can bring their own fishing gear.

But unfortunately in the Palayangan river there are no fish, but don’t worry. Because it has provided a pond that has been given fish seeds. So that visitors can do fishing activities while at the same time getting fresh fish.



Going on vacation to nature is certainly the reason for relaxation, pampering the eyes with a beautiful natural atmosphere, enjoying the fresh air in nature, and forgetting for a moment the busyness that drains energy in everyday life. This activity is usually called healing. Of course this activity can be done at Pineus Tilu Pangalengan.

Simple healing that can be done is meditation. Doing meditation in the morning in front of the tent facing directly to the river with a forest background is certainly very calming. Visitors can relax the mind and relax the body by listening to the sounds of nature such as the gurgling of water.

That’s a review of one of the natural tourist attractions in Bandung. If you want to see more details about the activities of the visitors there, you can find it on the Instagram account @pineustilu. On the Instagram account there is a lot of documentation and examples of activities that can be done in this one natural tourist spot.

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    You can also make a booking by calling the number in the bio for the Instagram account. Various portraits such as visitors’ activities when camping, barbeque, rafting, or just taking pictures and enjoying the scenery are also available there. Having followers who have reached more than 98 thousand followers, of course proves that this tourist spot is in great demand by visitors.

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