Pinhome Presents Massage Services

After previously providing household services in the form of house cleaning, car washing, AC washing, and disinfectant fogging , this time Pinhome launched massage services through the Pinhome Home Service (PHS).

This massage service is here to answer the high consumer need for relaxation services without the hassle of leaving the house in the midst of a pandemic.

PHS itself can be ordered through the Pinhome application or the Gojek application on the GoService menu. However, specifically for massage, this exclusive service can only be ordered through the Pinhome application. PHS provides three types of massage services, namely full body massage (massage), full body massage & reflexology , and reflexology & light massage .

To ensure customer satisfaction, PHS is committed to providing the best service experience while still implementing strict health protocols. Consumers also don’t need to worry because PHS provides service guarantees and insurance and is equipped with trained service partners.

“Pinhome Home Service always strives to provide the best service, we care about the safety of consumers and service partners. We provide better service quality based on our experience of customer needs, expectations and convenience. We prove this through service guarantees, service insurance, trained service partners, and always prioritizing health protocols,” said Sr. Pinhome Home Service Product Marketing Associate, Chika Ratu Devina.

Consumers can choose the gender of the service partner on duty and are free to schedule orders for a maximum of up to seven days ahead according to operating hours. Massage services can be ordered at 08.00 – 22.00 WIB. For the first transaction through the Pinhome application, PHS provides a discount of up to 70% (maximum IDR 35 thousand) applicable to all services with the  PINHOME70 voucher code .

Currently, massage services are available in ten cities, namely the DKI Jakarta area, South Tangerang city, Depok city, Bekasi city, Bandung city, and Surabaya city, with rates varying according to each area.

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“Over time, we hope to be able to participate in supporting the acceleration of economic recovery during the pandemic. By using this service, consumers also provide real support in economic recovery efforts for Pinhome Home Service partners,” explained Chika.

Equipped with 253 therapists consisting of 44 men and 209 women, the average PHS massage therapist has three to five years of experience in their field. The majority of them (96.26%) are the breadwinners of the family.

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