PINTU Application Supports the Acceleration of the 2022 Digital Economy – Digital News I Although the scale of business in Indonesia is still dominated by micro and small businesses, it has great potential as people’s income and can overcome unemployment, thus opening up opportunities for investment. Related to this, PT Pintu Kemana Saja (PINTU) also shared the company’s development as well as its role in digital economic growth through investment in crypto assets at the 2022 Merdeka Economic Forum with the theme “Business Opportunities and the Digital Economy 2022”.


Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Prof. Dr. KH Ma’ruf Amin as the keynote speech said that Indonesia currently has a very large digital economy potential, one of which is the contribution of the demographic bonus which will become the strength of Indonesia’s economic development. Where the millennial generation and generation Z are said to have reached 174 million people or 64 percent of the Indonesian population. This means that the proportion of working age is greater so that there will be economic potential created from the productive age of the population.

PINTU’s founder & CEO, Jeth Soetoyo, stated that it was in line with what PINTU did to maximize the demographic bonus in order to increase the strength of Indonesia’s digital economy. After successfully completing a series A+ funding round of more than $40 million in 2021, one of the strategies implemented is to recruit the best Indonesian talents to be able to contribute to the company.

“At PINTU, in 2020 there will only be around 20 employees. However, in 2022 it increased eightfold to more than 160 employees. PINTU acts as a platform that bridges the traditional financial world with digital assets through crypto asset investment,” said Jeth.

He also emphasized that crypto assets are not only a new concept in terms of assets, but from an investment perspective it is also a new thing for the community. From our data in 2019-2020 most investment platforms in Indonesia are devoted to serving professional traders , even though the current population of professional traders is only a small fraction compared to investors who are referred to as casual traders. Where, casual traders have investment needs that are different from those in the current market, namely focusing on convenience.

“For this reason, PINTU provides convenience and security in investing in crypto assets. In almost two years, the PINTU application has been downloaded more than two million with more than one million monthly active users. We see that crypto assets are the new prima donna in the investment world and participate in helping the Indonesian economy through the digital economy sector,” he said.

In addition, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia revealed that one of the largest economic sectors is the digital economy. This sector is growing rapidly with technological advances in it, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence to Metaverse.

In fact, based on a study by Bloomberg Intelligence 2022, the Metaverse market will reach 789 million US dollars at the global level by 2024. The market potential in ASEAN is very large, where it is predicted that in 2024 the digital economy will grow to 363 billion US dollars. In pursuing the digital economy sector, the Government through Kominfo has four strategic sectors as pillars, one of which is digital infrastructure.

Where the government has a program to build more than 340 thousand kilometers of national fiber optic backbone combined with nine satellites and the provision of base transceiver stations (BTS). Kominfo invites all parties to build synergies and collaborations in building Indonesia’s digital economy in order to realize a connected, more digital, more advanced Indonesia.

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    With the development of the digital economy supported by an increase in smartphone and internet users and access to digital services, of course, crypto asset investment will also develop and be more widely used, such as Defi, NFT, Metaverse, gaming, and other use cases.

    “In general, we project that in the next 3-5 years the use of crypto assets will be even greater and will have a positive impact on crypto asset investors in Indonesia. Besides being able to access digital assets that are global in nature, we hope that the blockchain revolution will be able to give birth to entrepreneurs who can build new blockchain-based projects that can be used on a global scale,” concluded Jeth.

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