undercover.co.id – Polestar Research: Not All Electric Car Buyers Are Interested In Environmental Issues , The view that environmental issues are the main attraction for potential buyers or consumers of electric cars is refuted by Polestar. The Swedish manufacturer of electrified vehicles revealed the results of internal research that revealed a number of views of motorists. In particular, if they are faced with the question of why they are interested in buying an electric car in the first place.

Through a survey, Polestar found that 55% of electric car buyers or potential consumers are interested in electrified vehicles for reasons other than environmental issues. The survey was conducted on 5,086 respondents who are drivers or those who are interested in electrified vehicles in the United States.

“The idea of luxury vehicles that were originally judged by specifications or engine provisions is starting to be replaced in the current era of electrification. The priority for customers lies in seamless connectivity, integration with the built digital ecosystem, and attractive user experience (UX) design,” said Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar North America, as reported by Marketeers from the CarBuzz page .

image size-full">Polestar Research About Electric car Buyers
Polestar Research About Electric car Buyers

This factor, according to Hembrough, is a consideration for potential buyers of electric cars from various manufacturers, including Polestar. The acceleration of the use of electrified vehicles in various parts of the world may be driven by the desire to have the latest technology in a vehicle. So that it is not entirely due to the concern for environmentally friendly principles that are widely echoed.

The same research also reveals that preferences related to vehicle technology are important for consumers of electrified vehicles from the younger generation. In fact, the probability of respondents from generation Z choosing an electric car as a reason for buying is twice as likely as millennials and boomers .

On the other hand, there is considerable attention from electric car buyers as Polestar research respondents regarding aspects of efficiency and performance. Almost half of them, around 48%, believe that the use of electrified vehicles will save their daily operational costs. Likewise, 30% of respondents consider performance on paper before spending their money to bring an electric car.

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The power output of the electric vehicle propulsion circuit is generally above that of a gasoline-fueled car ( internal combustion engine / ICE). Reporting from the ArenaEV page , electrified vehicles have simpler drive circuit components. Therefore, the energy channeled to the four wheels is more efficient and optimal.

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